Last time when we went to Rajahmundry, we took the ferry to cross over my friend. Hope you all know who is my friend, whom we like to visit a lot in Rajahmundry by now. Its none other than river Godavari. She speaks to me, sings me songs, tells me lot of her stories. Though I really don’t understand the depth of her stories at times.

OK coming back to our story, when we took that ferry to watch the sunset, all of a sudden a rainbow appeared out of blue. Even though its sunny at that time. Please find the photo my dad took of that rainbow.

Picture Courtsey: My Dad

Then my another friend Vihaan started asking his dad, as to why the rainbow came and from where it came etc. But guess what, I was the person who had all the answers, as Krishna showed me in my dreams how a rainbow would be built and how it would be sent by the god to the earth. Rainbow would be built by seven little children just like us when they stand one on top of  the other. Getting worried that these small kids will fall out if they stand too high isn’t it? Even I was thinking of the same, when I first saw them, then only I had realized that ropes are being tied to their hips and would be held tightly by their great grand mother. Their great grand mother is the white colour and all the colours come from this granny only.  These kids are the kids of individual colours. So by now you all must be thinking that I am a clever clocks isn’t it? That’s how I am…otherwise how can Krishna become my friend, tell me?

But do you know when I was explaining this to Vihaan, my other friends Pranav and Kushi started laughing at me and even my parents and their friends. My Dad told me to stop telling stories and of course he told me smilingly only. Do you guys really think that its a story?  No right?  But the Vihaan mom asked me then what would be hidden at the end of the rainbow. So now my question to you guys, have you ever found out what is there at the end of the rainbow? In the mean time, Vihaan was mentioning that chalo lets play the slide on top of that rainbow. I told him that we can’t play the slide on top of the rainbow, as it would be hurting for all the small kids out there.

So I guess your thinking energy got drained off isn’t it. So let me clear the suspense for you. At the end of the rainbow would be the chocolate room for all the kids who had worked hard to create that beautiful rainbow for us. Those chocolates would be available only for the kids who work hard and be good. They wouldn’t be visible to every one. So don’t think that there would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as Mickey Mouse keeps saying the same in all their cartoons. I think, I will write a letter to Mickey Mouse also regarding this pretty soon. Stay tuned for more news about our Rajahmundry trip.

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