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E – day

I am here with another kid today. This kid is a real genius in archery. He is the one and only self – learned kid in Indian Mythology. His name starts with letter E, as today is the E-day only right? Can you folks take a guess at his name?

He is none other than Ekalavya, the best archerer in the entire world. Do you want to know how he became the best archerer?

Introduction of Ekalavya:

Ekalavya is a tribal kid and his father is the chief of tribals in the then Hastinapuram kingdom. While all the tribal kids are happy jumping around and playing, Ekalavya used to sit alone and would be always lost in deep thoughts.

Ekalavya’s father couldn’t see him in sitting unhappily like this, so when he enquired what’s the reason for his unhappiness. Ekalavya replied that he wants to learn archery from the best teacher in the world. Ekalavya told his father that guru Drona is the best teacher in the world and he wants to join the school run by guru Drona, so that he can also become a best archerer in the world.

Ekalavya’s father knew that his son is asking for something impossible, but he has decided to let his son go and chase his dreams. So Ekalavya goes to the school run by guru Drona and asks for his permission to stay there so that he can learn archery from guru Drona.

How Ekalavya became a Self Learned Kid

But Drona, refuses to teach Ekalavya, as he is the royal teacher and in those days, royal teachers are not supposed to teach other kids. Ekalavya is heartbroken due to this. But being a stuborn kid, he didnt accept his defeat so easily.

Ekalavya, Self Learned Kid, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, #A2Z2019, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology
Picture Credit:Sanskriti Magazine

Eklavya went back home and made an idol of guru Drona with the mud. Daily he would pray to this idol and will start practicing his archery. Over a period of time, he became so perfect in his shooting skills that he can shoot the smallest of the small birds sitting way up on the tree too. Once while practicing his skills, a dog keeps barking and disturbing him. So Ekalavya gets irritated and shoots seven arrows into the dog’s mouth so that it won’t be able to bark. That is his precession of shooting the arrows.

But the story doesn’t end here. Drona comes to know about the skills of Ekalavya and he comes to Ekalavya’s place to ask for guru Dakshina – the fees for teaching Ekalavya. Can you all take a guess as what Drona asks from Ekalavya?

It’s his right thumb. How can an archer shoot his arrows with out having a thumb? This was the Drona’s way to ensure that only his student Arjuna would be the best archer in the world. So Ekalavya gives off his thumb finger willingly to his guru for being his moral support.

My take on Ekalavya and why I love him

The reason why I love Ekalavya is that he has the dedication to excel in the skills he wants to learn. When he doesn’t get the guru, he starts learning on his own. Don’t you all agree that its amazing? That’s why I also like him and I want to improve my dance just like him you know? So I am thinking of learning his dedication and determination. I want the self learning process to enrich me as well.

So that’s my story about Ekalavya, the best archer and self-learned kid friends. Hope you liked it. See you tomorrow with one more story. Till then, here are my other articles on Indian Mythology series for #A to Z Challenge.

Ekalavya, Self Learned Kid, #A to Z Challenge, #shravmusingswrites, #BlogChatterA2Z
A to Z Challenge
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