Yay! This Tuesday morning has given me a new hat to wear! Guess what that new hat is? It’s an author hat on top of my blogger hat. Our first EBook- My Friends from Indian Mythology is available for free download on the blog chatter website.

This book shares all the stories that my granddad narrated to me and how I relate those stories to the today’s world. Want to know who is my best friend these days and how I spend my summer holidays? Then this book is your best option.

One can see how varied my mythological friends are and how much am learning from them. All thanks to my granddad for imparting this wonderful knowledge. Indian Mythology is so interesting and complex to understand. But my mom and granddad have all the patience to answer all my questions and clear off all my doubts.

Please have a look at the trailer below to understand the details on my Ebook My Friends from Indian Mythology:

This Ebook My Friends from Indian Mythology is available for free download only for a few days. Please download it and read it, so that you can also get wonderful friends from Indian Mythology and learn a lot from them just like me.

Author’s Note:

This Ebook is released on the blog chatter website and is available for free download for a few days. Request you all to download and review my first book as without your continuous support, this Book wouldn’t have seen the light today. Will you be doing it, my dear friends?

All the copyrights of this book belongs to me “shravmusings