As Summer is fast approaching, mommy and daddy started planning for our summer vacation. Lot of places were discussed and discarded. Suddenly mommy got a new idea from her blogger friends. She showed the various posts in the #XploreBharat blog train which she and her fellow blogger friends are running and asked daddy to pick up a dream vacation spot.

Daddy picked up the Arunachal Pradesh after searching through various blogs and internet. Finally we went there over the last weekend.

It was such a beautiful place. Cool and breezy. The summer heat has not yet reached this place. The Chennai sultriness is also not present here, as we are high up in the mountains.

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Picture Courtsey – Pexels

We visited Yomgo river and spent some over there. The scenery is so perfect and just like picture post cards, which we tend to see in the internet. The atomsphere is really cool and awesome for boating. So I nudged my dad to take us for boating.

There were only row boats available and we went in them only. The water is so serene and crystal clear that we can see the fishes floating down under. Seeing this, I remembered the Buckingham Canal in Chennai. I asked my dad how to make Buckingham Canal like this? Why its always filled with trash and stinks all the time.

My dad told me that its all because of the pollution caused by us and we should act to clean up that river. So I am planning to talk to my school and start doing this work. Will you guys help me out in this regard. If yes, please let me know in the comments.

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