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When I met my Dream Girl PV Sindhu

Yesterday was the most exciting day for me. You know why? I got to see PV Sindhu akka’s final match. I just couldn’t get over the way she played the match. She is the fastest shuttler I can say. I kept replaying her back hand in my mind all through the evening. But later in the evening when the test cricket match started between India and the West Indies, I got involved in that match.

PV Sindhu, Dream Girl, Golden Girl, Shuttle Badminton, shravmusings
Picture Credit: Google

As it was getting late, my mom dragged me to bed and we talked so much about PV Sindhu akka so much even before falling asleep. Then you know what happened?

I met my dream girl PV Sindhu akka. She came to our shuttle court and I was playing there with my coach all alone. None of my teammates were there at that time. Suddenly, we see Sindhu akka walking into the court. I was so surprised and stood still. She just said HI to Vallabh sir and came to me directly. When she gave her hand, I was bit hesitant to shake my hand, as I felt that she looks just like the angel my mom describes in the stories.

Then we spoke a little and she asked me to play with her, and she taught so many moves especially on the footwork part. She showed me how to move across the court faster. I felt like it was a Cheetah, which was moving in the court and not Sindhu akka, as she was faster than a Cheetah on the court.

I asked Sindhu akka how she learnt to play so well and didn’t she feel scared to go to Switzerland all alone to play the game without her parents. She told me that she is used to going alone and that now she is grown up, she should go alone. Sindhu akka told me that I would also become a brave boy after I grow up little more.

She told me that her coach, Gopichand sir has trained her on all the techniques. Can you believe that her coach asks her to come to the court by 4:30 AM every day. Whenever I get up early morning to catch a flight to Vizag, I feel that its midnight only as it would be pitch dark outside. So Akka must be really working hard to get up so early isn’t it?

PV Sindhu, Dream Girl, Golden Girl, Shuttle Badminton, Shravmusings
Picture Credit: Deccan Chronicle

Can you believe that she won’t use her mobile phone or watch TV? Then I asked her how can she find her relaxation if she doesn’t watch all that. She told me that she would only read books (especially those of sportspersons) and relax with music. Looks like, her coach and parents are very strict that way. Thank god, my coach nor my parents are that way. But I think, if I have to become like her, I also should follow her footsteps, and work hard. What say, folks? Mommy says, without hard work, we cannot reach our goals.

Sindhu akka told me that she would sleep early in the night and would eat only healthy food. But I like Pizza’s so how can I stop them. Akka told me to eat them only once a month. (I think, Sindhu akka met my mom before meeting me, as she is talking exactly like my mom).

I told her that I am eager to play the matches just like her and when will I grow up as big as her? She told me to have patience and play/learn from my coach regularly. She gave me the same tips as Bumrah. “Eat well, Practice hard and Sleep good“. I think this is what all the sportspersons tell. Even my Satish anna says the same. So, Dancers and sports persons behave exactly the same. What say, friends?

Post our match, I took Sindhu akka around my area and asked her to come home. I was showing my garden and the birds nesting there, suddenly I heard “Kausalya Supraja Rama”. I started wondering who is playing Venkateswara Suprabatham in the evening and looked around.

Can you imagine? I am in my bedroom on my bed, and my mobile is singing the Venkateswara Suprabatham as its Monday morning. So then only I realized that I met my dream girl PV Sindhu akka in my dream only. I felt so sad about not meeting her in reality. I really wish that a day would come when I get to meet her and talk to her. Please pray for me that I get a chance to meet PV Sindhu akka at least once in the near future.

PV Sindhu, Dream Girl, Golden Girl, Shravmusings
Dream Girl PV Sindhu

Till then, I think, I should only talk to her poster given by my coach Vallabh Sir. My mom pasted that poster in my toy room. Do you want to see that one?

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  1. Wow.. ur writing does absolute justice to the blog title.. “From a kiddies point of view” the flow of emotions are so seamless and unadulterated, naive and innocent. I could actually visualise each and every moment, of PV entering the court, the small talks, the motivation induced. It is a beautiful read.

    1. Thanks a lot, Supriti. PV Sindhu is his long-time favorite and that too after BWF tournament, if some other new person sees me and my kid talking, they would definitely think that we are closely related to her. You can imagine about these kids obsessions, isn’t it?

  2. And you know what when you want something, it sure does come true. I am sure he would get to meet her in real very soon. The post is brilliant, clearly talks about the persistence that goes behind making a legend.

  3. Hard work, dedication and a positive attitude is the key for any success. I hope he meets his dream girl one day..

  4. Hope you are able to meet her soon. In your dream too she has so many she has shared so many secrets and a lesson for all of us that hard work and discipline is key to success.

    1. Thank you Mahek for dropping by. Yes, a true sportsperson would always be inspirational for others.

  5. Someday this dream will come true and you will get to see your national hero… till then, keep updating that list. Add more heroes and tell us how you’d react in their presence 🙂

  6. wow loved the post and remimds me my childhood days. indeed hard work and firm determination is key to sucess and you had explained this important life lessons in simper and interesting way in this post. #Surbhireads #myfriendalexa

  7. Nice, cute post from the eyes of a child. I could literally feel a kid relating the content of the post. The flow is smooth and the entire post is beautifully woven to deliver the right message. Today’s kids need right kind of heroes to positively influence their lives and Sindhu is definitely there, right on top of that list. Felt a bit nostalgic, going down the memory lane and remembering Swami from Malgudi days. Wonderful post 🙂

  8. A great post. P V Sindhu is a great role model for many young kids. After her success, many kids will dream to be as good or better than her. That is such an incredible achievement.

  9. So lovely 🙂 P.V Sindhu is India badminton’s golden girl. She is truly an inspiration. And your writing did justice to glorifying this legend. I hope your lil one meet her soon. Sending love & wishes:)

  10. The post is so cute and heartwarming.

    I loved the concept of your blog. The world through the eyes of a child. It is indeed a great find and I thank Myfriendalexa for it.

  11. Wonderfully written from from your child’s point of view. Unique idea indeed. The dream was told like a story that came to life.

  12. I wish you meet her soon and it’s so happy to read this post look like she really wanted to share her secrets with you so met you in dream

  13. I love the way you write from your child’s perspective. It’s a super cute write-up and very inspiring. PV Sindhu is a role model for many and hope your child gets to meet her someday.

  14. Oh My God, So then only I realized that I met my dream girl PV Sindhu akka in my dream only.

    Don’t worry, you will also meet her in reality;)

  15. I love your boy’r innocence in the post, you conveyed the strong desire so well 🙂 Talking from a kid’s POV is so important these days, they are blessed with pure hearts and innocence 🙂
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  16. PV Sindhu has got an amazing fan in you it seems. I wish it weren’t a dream and hope you get to meet her someday Keep writing and sharing! #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads

  17. Very very well framed and written! Looking forward to reading more blog posts from you! #sandalreads

  18. There’s no substitute for hard work and dedication. I loved reading this post. They say dreams are our hearts’ truest desires after all. Hopefully you’ll be able to meet her real soon. 🙂

  19. Wow, the young boy must have been elated. Hope he gets to meet other stars as well. #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads

  20. Oh, I was so happy to read that you met her in real life but unfortunately, it was a dream, but I really wish that one day you met her in real. God bless you and wish you all the best

  21. I loved the way you she addresses PV Sindhu as Sindhu Akka! Very well written story….too bad it was a dream…I really hope she gets to meet her Akka some day… Keep writing such interesting posts. #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind wishes. I just hope that he gets to meet atleast one of his favorite heros.

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