I had an amazing dream yesterday, so I was all smiles when I woke up today morning. Also I got up on my own you know? So my granny asked me in her usual sign language as to how come I got up on my own that too in a pleasant mood. Wondering what happened to my granny? Today is the weekly “maunvrat” day for my granny. That means she would not be talking whole day today and would only use sign language if necessary. So I also thought that I will draw her and show why I am happy instead of telling her. Here comes my drawing for the same.

Have you guys understood anything out of my drawing? Though my mom and dad used to tease me saying that it’s only a doodle and not a drawing at all, but I prefer to call it as my drawing only. So coming back to the story, my dream is as follows:
After visiting the aquarium along with my friends from our Montessori house, I am getting only the sea creatures books from our library to read at home OK? May be because of that I got a dream that, me and my friend Krishniah were going out in a real big ocean on a sail boat it seems. The water in the ocean was of deep blue in colour and sea is very rough. So our sail boat is going up and down with the waves. The waves are trying hard to splash us with water, and ours is a big boat, so water is not able to reach us. The dolphins are jumping out of the water all of a sudden in front of the ship. Few dolphins who are little more friendly are following our ship and are trying to talk to us with their squeaky voices. We were able to see few sea gulls flying in the sky looking for some fishes. But unfortunately they are not able to find any flying fishes except dolphins. The weather was really perfect to have a nice melodious music. So Krishniah started playing his flute and we both were just happy sitting in that sail boat and the wind is taking our boat some where and we are not really controlling it. 

Then all of a sudden, this big bat fish jumped high up from the sea and tore our sails. As the sails have gone, our boat lost all the movement and came to stand still. We didn’t know what to do, and the land is also not to be seen. I think in our happiness we didn’t observe that we drifted really far off from the land. In the mean time, there comes a friendly octopus and he uses all his eight legs to pull our boat to the nearby shore. Then we used the anchor to tie the ship. We walked into the island and are surprised to see all our friends there. So we started playing with them. 

 I don’t remember when I got tired and slept off and finally when I woke up, I am in my room only. But am feeling really happy to have met lot of sea animals and also for making friendship with them, with out going in submarine. May be they will all come home one day to visit me and I can show them my house.

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