My Mommy says that we need to finish all the food provided in the plate and she always scolds me if I leave my apple after taking a bite. I am feeling very sad because of this and my mood has got spoiled today morning.

        Tell me folks, if Apple company is able to give a blackened apple to everybody else, after taking a bite, its not bad, but when I do it, how can it become bad. My dad, and all my friends parents buy all Apple gadgets, but nobody complains that the black apple stinks or tastes bad. Have you ever heard of it folks? No right…then why this difference only to me? I am really feeling very down because of this, hope somebody can clarify this to me..

Who has taken the bite from this Apple?

          When asked my Mommy why then Apple gadgets have that black color Apple on them, she just laughed and said, why don’t you go to Steve Jobs and ask him..folks, by the way, have you ever seen a black apple? I saw a black banana and its completely spoiled. So does that mean even the black apple we get on mobiles and Ipad’s is spoiled or what?

            I want to understand from Steve Jobs uncle as to who is that kid who took that single bite on the Apple and could get away leaving like that..didn’t his mommy scold him? And why are they using the spoiled apple on every gadget. I wish my mommy could be like that Mommy…do you guys have any magic wand to turn it, so that it can happen.

          Can anybody help me friends?