The other day, when we were going to the school, I felt that our car was in a very sad mood. It was not speaking properly and it was not at all cheerful. Wondering how a car can speak? That’s the whole problem with these elders, you guys can’t understand the feelings unless people speak out. See everything and person has feelings and its not necessary for them to voice out the stuff. We need to understand the silence, as silence speaks lots of words.  So to answer your question, the honking sound of the car, the whiff of the AC in the car tells me lot about its feelings and unsaid words.

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I asked my best friend Car as to what is it that’s bothering him. He told me that since the Christmas cheer has spread all over, and people are all enjoying, but he feels that he has been left out. Nobody wants to celebrate with him nor make him part of the parties. I also felt very sad hearing this, and told him that we can celebrate his birthday. But can you imagine the poor thing doesn’t even know when he was born and how old he is. So sad isn’t it.

  I went and asked my mom, why can’t we do a party for the Car and tell him Thank you for driving us all around. My mom told me that we do that during “Navaratri – Dussehera” festival and no need to do it now. But how will mom understand the feelings of the car. She is also an elder naa, so she gets lost in the worldly stuff.

 So me, with my friends has decided to throw a surprise party to car. We convinced our Dad to get us all the stuff from the nearby super market. Its  obviously the stuff which we like, as friends would have the similar tastes isn’t it. So our Car also likes Choco’s, chips, cakes, chocolates. Of course our Dad gave us only the green tea, instead of juice as its cold now.  We all like the green tea. We turned that party into the birthday party and sang the birthday song to the car.  So we all had a big blast you know and the poor car was very happy that it was also dancing along with us.Next day morning, the car took us all for a very very long drive and it was back to its chirpy mood and was humming all the way. So from now on, we had decided that we would do like this once in a while. 

I hope after reading this note, you guys also start planning surprise parties for the things like car, scooter etc and make them happy. Please let us know how your parties went, by leaving comments on this blog.