After joining in this new Montessori house, I started liking my aunties a lot, when compared to the other schools. Now I always dream of becoming teachers just like them. I had asked my mommy to get me a new black board. You know why? I like teaching my kids on the black board, just like how our aunties teaches us there.

My eyes always follows especially, my K aunty while I am in the Montessori house as though I am her shadow. So that I can observe all her mannerisms and use them while I teach my kid’s in my house. Do you guys have any idea how many kids are there in my school? I have 20 kids and out of them, some are very small and naughty. It really takes me lot of time to teach them numbers. These small kid’s won’t sit in a single place and they keep roaming around.

WOW: Imagine You Are Someone’s Shadow For A Day

But I don’t scold them like other teachers. I always use my gentle voice and give them lot of hugs and call them darling/kanna, just like my aunties in my Montessori house. This way, when I am gentle, these kids understand better. They don’t shy away from me you know. While giving them the writing practice also, they don’t complain. They finish it off in a jiffy.

My K aunty always have a pleasant smile on her face. I had never seen her getting angry, even when the naughtiest kids trouble her a lot by not choosing any activity in the school. At times, some kids just likes to roam around without picking any activity but K aunty helps them settle down with an activity without scolding them or pushing them. That’s why I like her a lot.

Do you know this incident, I think, I already told you that, we all go to park on every Monday right? So it’s one of our kid’s responsibility every week to take the cricket set to the park. Then one day, one kid had forgotten to get that kit to the park. But guess what, my aunty didn’t scold that kid at all. In fact she used that opportunity to teach us watching clouds in the sky and drawing their shadows in the sand. Drawing pictures on the sand is so much fun. I thought that, had it been any other teacher, they would have lost their cool and started shouting isn’t it.

My K aunty is also too good in observing. She will understand by our faces itself as to how well we are progressing with our activity. In case if we have any trouble while completing that activity, she would be there to help us with it. She will not mind, repeating the entire presentation to us for 10 times as well.

So I just want to become a teacher like her when I grow up little old. That’s why I am even planning to change my name to Shrav K, as I like her a lot. Even though I have 20 kids right now at my home waiting for my teaching, still I want to spend my whole day teaching only. Teaching is such an exciting one isn’t it? Do you all agree with me? If not, please let me know your comments.

Please let me know when would I become a teacher? I want to know how earliest it would be? Please tell me naa..don’t forget to tell me OK?

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