On the day before New Year, we went to visit the Beach along with my friends. That was the first time, I went out all alone with my friends leaving my Mommy and Daddy at home, as they were expecting few guests at home.

Going to Beach was tough, as I was worried as to how my Mommy and Daddy would cope with out me. My mommy always says that she would become bored with out me. Since I had left them for the first time,  I was always thinking about them through the cab ride.  What mischief they would both get into during my absence and what toys they would break during that time. Before boarding the cab, I told them not to touch my toys, but still you know how these grown ups would be. They would never keep their promises up.

Also, the feeling of going along with friends was very good and I also enjoyed the cab ride, as three of us kept on singing lots of songs and telling lot of the stories on the way. We kept the cab driver uncle engaged in our conversation as well, by asking him lot of questions. As kids, we have lot of doubts isn’t it, so some body needs to address them for us isn’t it. Uncle and aunt who accompanied us were busy in the phones, so we decided to ask the cab driver uncle itself and test our knowledge of Tamil on him.  By now, you guys would know that I speak only very little Tamil and am fluent only in English and Telugu. I hope you remember it.

After going to beach, we played a lot in the sand, built lots of sand castles and also poured sand on each other’s heads. Uncle was telling us not to pour sand on each other, but can you guess what we did –  we pulled that uncle also into the sand and poured sand on him. Finally he also enjoyed the sand play with us. We collected lots and lots of sea shells in the sand.

Then we went near to the water to wash our hands and legs. Waves were rushing to meet us. They were coming one after another in a very orderly way, but at a faster rate. So we went on greeting all the waves on by one, waving our hands and dipping our legs in them. But the way, they were rushing back into the sea, made me little curious as to why they are coming forward in the first place and then why are they rushing back again. So I started thinking a logic for this, as my mommy was not around. Otherwise, I would have asked my mommy and she would have explained it to me. Then I thought that some where in the middle of the ocean, the mommy of all the waves must be sitting and pulling these waves back just like how my mommy pulls me back from any dangerous activities I do, by holding my shirt.
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So I want to go and meet that mommy of the waves and have a talk to her, as to how come she has so many children and how is she managing them, as all of them seem to be more naughtier than me. Do you guys have any idea? If yes, can you please leave a comment and let me know. Then we all can go and meet that mommy of waves and have a nice party with her. I wonder, what are the things that waves would be eating? Any idea folks?