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D – day

Here I come once again with a story of another kid. This time it’s about a kid who has the utmost determination in Indian Mythology. His name is Dhruva and he has become a Pole star up in the sky due to his determination. Do you want to know how this determined kid has achieved this status? Then please read further.

Introduction of Dhruva:

Dhruva is the son of king Uttanpada. This king has two wives and hence two sons. Dhruva’s brother name is Uttama. Both of these kids always play together. Once when they were running around in the palace, they went into a room where their dad was sitting with his wife Suruchi. Suruchi is Uttama’s mother. Seeing their father sitting leisurely, both the kids ran to their father and Uttama went and sat in the lap of the father.

Dhruva, Determined Kid, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, #A2Z2019, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology
Picture Credit: Sanathana Dharma

Seeing this, even Dhruva went near his father to sit in his lap. But Suruchi, being jealous of Dhruva’s mom (Sunithi) pulled away Dhruva and told him that in this birth he can’t sit in his father’s lap. She even told that its only Uttama’s birth right and not Dhruva’s.

Hearing this, Dhruva felt very sad and went to his mom. He didn’t understand why Suruchi was saying like that. Sunithi tried consoling Dhruva, he didn’t listen to her. He decided to find out from the god, why it is not possible to sit in the lap of his father.

So he went into the forest to meet the god, and en route, he meets the sage Narada, who tells him that he needs to meditate a lot only then he could meet the god. He even warns Dhruva that he needs to meditate even in rain and cold. The dangerous forest animals might cause him some harm too. But Dhruva was very much determined that he should meet god and ask why he can’t sit in his dad’s lap. So he starts, his mediation and keeps at it for a really long time. Then Lord Vishnu appears in front of him and asks him what are his wishes. After seeing the god and his beauty, Dhruva wanted to stay closer to him only and leave this world. He asks for that boon only to Lord Vishnu.

Dhruva, Determined kid, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology
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But Lord Vishnu tries a lot to convince him to fulfill his earthly duties and then come back to him. Dhruva agrees to this clause only if he can go back to the god as and when he wishes. Only after Lord Vishnu grants him that wish and tells him that he would become a pole star, who can always watch the god, did Dhurva let Lord Vishnu go.

My learning from the determined Kid.

My granddad tells me that to achieve any goals in life we need to have a lot of dedication and determination. Dhruva is one such kid with highest possible determination and dedication. Can you believe that he is of the same age as mine? So that’s the reason why I love this friend of mine. I want to go on to the pole star and talk to him. Whenever I see the pole star up in the sky, I keep asking my parents as to when they would take me up there. They keep telling me to ask my friend little Krishna, so that he can take me to the pole star when I visit the dreamwold next time.

What about you, friends? Do you like this friend of mine? Will meet you tomorrow with another story from Indian Mythology. Till then, have fun in #blogchatterA2Z and #A to Z Challenge. Please take out some time and keep reading my other articles here.

Also today is my 100th post day. So please shower your love and blessings for the growth of this blog along with me.

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Dhruva, determined kid, #A to Z Challenge, #shravmusingswrites, #BlogChatterA2Z
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