Can u believe that i completed one year already? one year and 10 days to be precise. I am a big boy now as per my mamma. I feel so proud u know..we went to Guruvayur to meet Lord Krishna,  as he wanted to meet me on my birthday. So we all went there. The place in itself was lovely, weather was at its best cloudy with intermittent showers.
 We went to Elephant palace first. It seems that the best elephants in Kerala that are gifted to Krishna would be housed there. There are more than 100 of them, i became little suspicious as to what Krishna would do with so many of them? he can give them as gifts to kids like us cool it would be to have an elephant as my sibling along with jimmy and johnny (my doggy sibilings). It would be fun for all four of us to play ball and i can also play water games with my elephant brother, as jimmy and johnny hates water. I liked one white elephant in particular and asked my dad to get me that one, as usual my parents laughed at me and asked me to talk to Krishna about it, though i was irked by their behaviour i kept my cool as i didn’t want to spoil the evening. Look at my favorite elephant below.
  After that place we went to Krishna’s house and that’s very different from Govinda’s home. This house is made of wood mostly and is in Kerala style. My mom explained me that depending on the places and weather the buildings would be built in different form and that study is called Architecture. I thought it sounded little fascinating to me, so may be i should look at it as my career choice…then when i grow up, i will built bathrooms in both Govinda and Krishna’s houses, as both their houses dont have bathrooms and poor them naa, how they must be suffering to take bath and all…so lets see, its still a long way to go as per my mamma. So until then, keep this secret with you only, if i tell my parents, they would laugh at me again. So coming back to the point, i met Krishna there and asked him about the elephant, he told me give him butter of my weight, so that he can send the elephant along with us to Chennai.  So i went to the temple priests and asked them to weigh was very funny how they weighed me along with butter look at the picture below

  Hearing this my dad got scared as we don’t have the train ticket for the elephant he immediately went back and told Krishna that we cant take the elephant as our house is too small to accommodate him and also we are going by train. Then Krishna told to my dad not to worry, he would only send the virtual elephant in my dreams. As long as i get to play with my white elephant i don’t care about my dads fears, though i don’t understand whats the real difficulty he has in bringing my elephant brother to Chennai. Anyways, my wish came true isnt it…so thats what i want. Now i have a big task in front of me to find a suitable name for my new brother…will u guys assist me in this task??