Last weekend we went for a weekend trip to a resort in Pondicherry. That resort was fun, as there is beach next to our house. Wondering why I am calling it a house, instead of rooms isn’t it? That’s because, the room is actually a small hut and it was really cute just like my toy tent. And there was this whole big curtain around the bed. In case you want to get on to the bed, you need to open the curtain and then sneak on to the bed, just like the way, I have to enter my tent house. So I liked that bed really. I told my dad to get that bed for me. Do you guys know the name of that bed? It seems, its called a canopy bed and the canopy that’s covering the bed is nothing but the mosquito net. This information has been told by my dad. So now I have new item added to my wish list.

Picture Courtsey: Eco Dune Hotel, Pondicherry

Coming back to the story, as I told you that beach is pretty much next to our house, I went there to see the beach many times and I spent long time standing and looking at the waves. The waves are really beautiful and my goodness, they talk so much continuously. Even at night, they continue talking. I wonder why they talk so much as nobody really stops by to listen to them, except me. But the stories they tell are really interesting and funny too. I will share those stories at a later time. Did I tell you, that actually I got really scared in the middle of the night to hear such a loud chatter from these waves? I told my dad to call up the mommy of these waves and complain. Or else, those corporation/police uncles will come and catch these waves and put them into police station, if they don’t stop talking as its disturbance to every body isn’t it? My dad increased the music volume and told me to sleep and he would call the police uncles.

But I think he hasn’t called them really, as the waves are back very early in the morning, when I got up to watch the sunrise. So here comes the surprise you see? The beach wears different dress every time I see her. Today morning, the water is in green colour, yesterday evening it was in orange color, last time in Adyar (Besant Nagar beach in Chennai) when I went to see along with my school friends, it was light blue in colour. When we went to Rajahmundry, it was in brown colour. Have you guys observed all these colour changes?

I think the beach has lot of dresses like me and she keeps changing her dresses every day, but I wonder who helps her in changing the dress? For me, my mommy helps me with that, and her dress should be really big also isn’t it? So some body should be really helping her change the dress. I wonder whether its a big Saree like the one mommy wears during festivals or the Kurtis’s she wears daily? Do you guys have any idea? But the best part is that each individual wave also wears the same dress as that of the beach. So I was telling my dad that its similar to some of our outfits, which we got it tailor made. Both my dad and my outfit would be the same for some special occasions. So I think beach has special occasions daily. Wonder what could be that? Any idea folks? So now next time when ever I visit the beach, I would keep wondering which colour dress would she be wearing this time folks? It would be so exciting to see whether she would wear the same colour as I expected isn’t it?

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