How to conquer Hurdles?

Do you know how we can conquer hurdles? One can think that we can easily jump over them, but when you jump on the small hurdle, the next one would be bigger and it goes progressively. My mom showed me this one. Want to know full story of it? After watching the Stuart Little 2 […]

Hero of the Pea family

My Montessori aunties told us to start a garden at home at the start of the winter, so understand the differences between the winter plants and the other season plants. So I had asked my mom to give me a few seeds from the Pea family to start my winter garden and mommy gave me […]

How to make Grinch Happier?

Christmas is fast approaching as December month has started isn’t it? My friend and granddad Santa is busy in wrapping all the gifts.  But here comes the problem. Grinch is coming to steal away the Christmas. I learnt this story in my Montessori house last week. My aunty there and also the other elder kids […]

A big doubt?

It was slowly getting dark, and my mom started lighting oil lamps in front of our house. Seeing the lighted lamp, I remembered this time of last year. It was a similar night, but with rain too and all of a sudden we heard thunderous sounds outside and my brothers (pet brothers Jimmy and Johnny) […]

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