And that’s just the beginning!!

Some Day Some Day, We are going to the rule the World I Know We are going to the rule the World by Zayde Wolf is playing on loop on the speakers and Shrav is totally immersed in practicing his batting stance in front of the mirror in his room. He never heard the knock […]

It’s that time of the year…

It’s that time of the year, where everyone keeps talking about a lot of celebrations and festivals. Its that time of the year, where we remember our father of the Nation in the first week. Yes, its Ocotber and we do remember our Gandhiji in the first week. How can a day pass without hearing […]

My Love Hate Relationship with Rains

Now that Monsoons have started in Chennai, my relationship with rains have gone again to another level. Every season, my relationship with rains would change. I hate summer rains, I like monsoon rains, I hate winter rains and spring rains are the best!! Wonderign why I am having this Love Hate Relationship with Rains? Let […]

Two stories I remember when I hear Trust

I always keep asking my mom, where she will be and when she will be while going to school. My aunties, watchman everybody smiles at my questions as I wouldn’t get satisfied until I hear the answer from my mom for at least 5/6 times. Every day, after my mom receives me from the school, […]

How to conquer Hurdles?

Do you know how we can conquer hurdles? One can think that we can easily jump over them, but when you jump on the small hurdle, the next one would be bigger and it goes progressively. My mom showed me this one. Want to know full story of it? After watching the Stuart Little 2 […]

Hero of the Pea family

My Montessori aunties told us to start a garden at home at the start of the winter, so understand the differences between the winter plants and the other season plants. So I had asked my mom to give me a few seeds from the Pea family to start my winter garden and mommy gave me […]

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