#ReadYourWorld – Book Review: Sissy Goes Tiny

This time I got a book with a different and little funny name to review. This book has been sent to my mom as a part of the MultiCultural Book Day Event. It seems “MultiCultural Book Day” is a special event conducted by two people Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen. They both are working towards […]

Book Review – Tania and the Mystery Smoker

One of my mommy’s friends has written so many books about Tania and my mommy reads those stories to me. But this story got my attention and I wanted to read it by myself completely. I hope by now you could have understood why I got interested in this book, isn’t it? If not, please […]

Book Review: Maya’s Magical Adventures by Malcolm McCoard

I started reading this book along with my 8-year-old boy. He likes Magic and believes in it seriously and waits for fairies and angels in the night to fly by. So this is a perfect book for him. He loved the fact that this entire story has developed by the author along with his daughter. […]

Book Review – EBook Marvellous Rhymes

One of my mommy’s blogger friend has published her EBook along with our book. So, my mom asked me whether I would be interested in reading that book. Believe me, initially I was reluctant to open and read those printed sheets my mom has given to me. Why would a seven-year-old kid be reading rhymes […]

5 Books that I love on the Pongal Festival

Its that time of the year, wherein everyone in the villages would be busy with harvests and us kids would be eager to visit our grandparents during this Pongal festival. Normally, we get only one or two day’s holiday during this time, but we would take a couple of days off this side and that […]

New Cultural Hub of Chennai for all book lovers

The other day, my mom took me to the #British Council Library. This place is totally different from the library images I had in mind.  Entering into the library is like entering into a big vibrant and colorful wall. There are so many interesting posters everywhere and the more I liked it is given below. […]

Happiness is when you get your sketches easily

Hey!! I am so happy today you know why? My mommy found out a website, which has lots and lots of sketches and I can use them for my blogs. I am only good at cutting and pasting or talking. I really don’t like to sit and draw or color. Instead of drawing and coloring, […]

My EBook – My Friends from Indian Mythology is ready

Yay! This Tuesday morning has given me a new hat to wear! Guess what that new hat is? It’s an author hat on top of my blogger hat. Our first EBook- My Friends from Indian Mythology is available for free download on the blog chatter website. This book shares all the stories that my granddad […]

My top 5 recommendations on Sea Creatures books

Today I want to share with you my latest passion. I am totally fascinated by Sea Creatures and my new room is also filled with all the Sea Creature stickers only. So, I thought, why not, I list down my favorite books on Sea Creatures, so that you all can also read. Here comes the […]

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