I am having a huge huge problem these days. Do you know what it is? All my goodies are getting vanished. The goodies I mean are only the food items which I like and not the toys or the games. No body in the house touches my games or the toys. The parents and grand parents don’t play with the toys. So they remain untouched. Even my pet brother doesn’t need my toys. He may use my ball once in a while but not every time. So I am not worried about them at all.

Now a days my yogurt and chocolates are missing out from our refrigerator. Not all the chocolates and all the flavors of the yogurt are missing. Its only my Lindt chocolates and strawberry yogurt that’s vanishing. So at first, I thought that may be our Joy cat’s baby whitie is the culprit as she likes the strawberry flavor like any thing and the moment I open my yogurt cup, she would start calling my name and licking her tongue. I just can’t guess how she would be able to identify it. She doesn’t even stay in our house like Johnny you know. But she would jump right into the window where I would be sitting and eating my yogurt as soon as I come home. But then she wouldn’t be able to open the refrigerator isn’t it. That too she is very scared to enter my house because of Johnny and Browny. So who can be the next culprit?  No idea.

My grand dad or my dad don’t like this strawberry flavor. So who else can be eating them while I am away. “I wish an alarm would ring louder and notify me whenever” somebody picks up the yogurt cups from the refrigerator.

Next comes the chocolates part. I like only Lindt chocolates a lot apart from the cadbury’s diary milk silk. Mostly the diary milk chocolates would be stored in our refrigerator for my use. Now and then, when we see the Lindt chocolates in the shop, my dad/mom buys them for me and keep in the refrigerator. I eat them very slowly as they are difficult to get frequently. But now a days, I am observing that Swiss thins chocolates box is getting empty at a faster rate. Couldn’t identify the culprit though, as I am not getting the chocolate smell from anybody in the house.

Johnny is the possible culprit here as he loves chocolates and eats away my choco’s too if given a chance. But he doesn’t know how to open a box and close it. He can only tear a box. So that means its not Johnny too.  “I wish an alarm would ring louder and notify me whenever” somebody picks up my Lindt chocolates as well.

I Wish An Alarm Would Ring Loud And Notify Me Whenever...

I even tried tying the jingle bells to the refrigerator door. But that’s of no use and those jingle bells are ringing continuously when ever some body tries to open the refrigerator door. And because of this sound, my grand dad is not able to sleep. So my mom pulled them away. I think I need to ask only Krishniah to help me in finding these culprits. But Krishniah is busy these days, as festival season has started right. He is not to be seen in the dream land too. So do you guys think that you can be of some help to me in identifying the naughty eaters who are stealing my goodies in the house. If yes, please let me know in the comments.

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