Today I want to share with you my latest passion. I am totally fascinated by Sea Creatures and my new room is also filled with all the Sea Creature stickers only. So, I thought, why not, I list down my favorite books on Sea Creatures, so that you all can also read. Here comes the list:

1. Commotion in Ocean:

This is the first book, I was introduced to when we were dealing with the Sea Creatures in our Montessori House. I like its rhyming words and the story line. Both my mommy and aunty are good in reading this story with their sing song voice, that the story stays in our minds for a long time. I love reading it again and again. This is my first bed time story book to be read daily.

2. Barry Fish with Fingers:

This is another book that I love to read again and again. The Puffet fish face is so funny to look at when Barry is playing with his friends. I love the pictures in this book a lot. I also like the funny tricks played by Barry.

3. Hark the Shark:

This is my other favorite. This writer’s books are good. There are so many stories about the Sharks that we can learn from reading this book. That’s the reason why it came into my favorite list. I like the rhyming and repetitive words this author uses.

My Top 5 Recommended Books on Sea Creatures

4. Mr. Sea Horse

I love Mr. Sea Horse as he is just like my daddy. Mr. Sea Horse spends most of his time with his kid just like my daddy does on the weekends. Do you know the secret? We call weekend as the boys time and we both cook the breakfast for my mother on the weekends. We both will be having a lot of fun together on every weekend. Are you like that too for your kids?

5. Way Down Deep Blue Sea

This is another favorite book of mine. The way my mommy reads this story is really amazing and it stays in my mind for a long time. The pictures are really good in this one. Also, this book introduces lots of sea creatures for us. So please don’t miss this one OK?

I have a dream to go on a boat ride into deep ocean and see all the possible sea creatures there. Would you guys love to join in me that ride? If yes, please let me know, so that I can plan the trip accordingly.

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