One of my mommy’s friends has written so many books about Tania and my mommy reads those stories to me. But this story got my attention and I wanted to read it by myself completely. I hope by now you could have understood why I got interested in this book, isn’t it? If not, please do check out my video about the smoking troubles that I faced at the tea shop near my house. So, that’s the reason why I wanted to write this book review for “Tania and the Mystery Smoker“.

My “No Smoking Video”

My Thoughts:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The first chapter itself got me hooked. Even I have a younger cousin and I will feel very bad if my cousin gets hurt. I can really understand the pain Sonia would be going through and the anger Tania must be feeling. The other day, when my sports coach pulled my friend’s leg teasingly itself, I got so angry that I told him not to tease my friend. If it had been my own cousin or sister, surely I would be really angry just like Tania.

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I got to read and understand about the new concepts called Privacy and Addiction. Though, I heard those terms while adults were talking, I never got to understand their true meaning or how to use them. Now this aunty has very clearly explained the concept of the CC TV workings and other things in the form of conversation between Tania and her mom. I really liked that idea. Infact, this book acted as the starting point for many interesting conversations between me and my parents. At the end of all those conversations, my dad told me that I am addicted to cricket. But tell me folks, will my love for cricket really harm people?

I also liked Tania and her friends. I think, I also should try to solve some cases like them. The way they caught hold of the mystery smoker is awesome. I would say that its very innovative yet logical scheme that these friends have followed. I also liked the lesson Tania learnt in this book. I will remember it going forward.

My Recommendations:

I loved this book a lot and the way the problem has been resolved in this book. So, I recommended this book to my friends in the school. This book suits to all the kids in my elementary class. i.e., from 7-12 years. My mommy agreed to my opinion and told that she would share this link in our school whatsapp group as well.

About the Author:

As stated earlier, Kanika aunty is my mommy’s friend and she is a wonderful author. She has more than 30+ books to her credit. She teams up with her daughters and writes a series books about Tania. You can find her books on Amazon here. Aunty can be reached on her blog or SM accounts mentioned below.


Twitter: KanikaGee

Facebook: Kanika G

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