I started reading this book along with my 8-year-old boy. He likes Magic and believes in it seriously and waits for fairies and angels in the night to fly by. So this is a perfect book for him. He loved the fact that this entire story has developed by the author along with his daughter. My kid also tells me stories, which I blog/write about. So that camaraderie feeling made him read the book Maya’s Magical Adventures.

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Adventures

Author: Malcolm McCoard

Illustrator: Maya McCoard

Available at: AmazonGood Reads

Maya's Magical Adventures: A fantasy comedy for young adults by [Malcolm McCoard, Maya McCoard, Elizabeth McCoard]

My Thoughts:

The story sets off at a fast pace and gets really real. The characters and their quirky mannerisms. The way Cat “Mishcheif” rolls his eyes to show the disinterest, all this pulled my kid really into the book. He couldn’t believe initially that a book can also talk. As the story progressed, he started looking forward to more discussions with the Book. Developing a character for a book and making him opinionated about everything is really a genuine idea and was well received by the kids. The speaking magical door is also another attraction.

We even liked the idea of using toothbrushes instead of brooms. To date, all the magic and witch movies which we have seen have used only the brooms. Naming the toothbrush as “Blue” since he is a boy was very witty. My kid liked the way Blue behaves in the story. Also, the riddles that were strewn across the story, where Maya has to solve them before progressing on her journey into the magical land were exciting and funny. We liked to solve them on our own.

Overall, this book is a fun read for both kids and adults alike. Though this book is slated for 10 years and above, it can be given to kids about 7 years who are slowly graduating to chapter books. As it’s filled with easy language and also funny incidents and riddles, the book will entice those kids to read further. They might take a little longer than older kids. But it’s fine.

Apart from the story, the drawings in the book have attracted my son. In fact, he was mentioning that he should follow the author’s daughter’s example and draw for his next set of stories.

I’d say lean forwards for backwards, backwards for forwards, up for down, down for up…, or at a Push…” paused Mischeif

The book is full of such play with the words. Play with the words is what fascinates the young readers who are aged 7 and above. So no wonder, my kid got attracted to this book.

My recommendations about Maya’s Magical Adventures

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a parent, I loved this book as it’s given me a chance to learn about the magical world. The story is perfect with ease in the language and correct grammar is used. Parents can happily give this book to their kids and can relax. As the author has given utmost care to every detail that got into the book. So, I don’t have to worry about the language used in the book or about anything.

Note: I got the free copy of this book from Booktasters in return for a free and honest review from my end. The views mentioned here are completely my own and are not influenced by anyone.

About the Author:

Malcolm McCoard

Malcolm McCoard calls himself an accidental Author. He started writing the stories after his 8 year old daughter insisted that he needs to write the adventurous stories he makes up for her during the bedtime. Maya, his daughter then provided illustrations and ideas for the book which incorporates a number of characters based on her close friends and family. The book won the YA category in the 2017 Purple dragonfly book awards.

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Twitter: Malcolm McCoard

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