This book, A Magical Conquest has been published by the son of my mommy’s friend. That brother’s name is Arsh Sinha. This boy has written all about superheroes and their magical conquest. I think he is also interested in magic and superheroes like me. Thank you, Anna, for penning down this good book. After reading your book, I felt like my book is really kiddish. I can write only about these stories or talk about cricket. But you seem to know a lot of stuff.

About the Book Magical Conquest:

The book, A Magical Conquest is the story of a 12-year-old boy and his friends. How they learn to use their superpowers within a short span of time and save the world. This book is all about Reston who misses his parents as they are busy in their own world of responsibilities and jobs. He joins a mysterious boarding school and from there, everything starts going wrong. How Reston and his friends are going to set everything right is the premise of the book.

My Review:

Last week, my mom took a printout of this book and gave it to me. Since I am a slow reader and prefer my mom to read the book for me, I took almost a week to finish this book. I really liked the story premise of this book and how a bunch of 12-year-old kids tries to save the world, by picking up the superpowers by reading the books and practicing the skills mentioned in their library.

I was just discussing with my mom that, how cool it would be to stumble upon this kind of secret library full of magic and superpowers. My mom pulled my leg saying that I would require a sports room with cricket bats and other accessories. The magic in that room should allow me to bowl to the wickets directly. As other superpowers will not hold my attention for long. Of course, that point is also true to a certain extent.

Now coming back to the book, there are certain points in the book about advanced chemistry and physics that I didn’t understand quite well, but luckily since my mom is there with me, she was able to explain it in detail to me. Only, if we are able to understand those small things, we can enjoy the book. Like for example,

“The controllers of water,
The beasts of mercury,
The hellish attackers,
The ghouls of lightning, …. “

From the Book of Magical Conquest

I didn’t hear about mercury till now. Then my mommy told me all about mercury and showed it to me on the thermometer. So Arsh bhaiyya, thanks for writing to such a detailed level that I was able to learn new concepts in each and every chapter. I just couldn’t stop imagining Resten as you. But I couldn’t figure out who could be me. As there are no sports enthusiasts in your gang. But of course, flying freaks are there, and flying all around makes it all the more interesting.

Tell me, from where did you get this idea of cursing course. For using one bad word itself, I get so much scolding from my parents. Having a course on cursing in school is totally unimaginable for me.

Thank you once again Arsh bhaiyya for this wonderful book and I really loved it. Looking forward for more of these books.

About the Author:

Arsh Sinha is a twelve-year-old talented bibliophile and a sweet and caring introvert who started blogging at the age of seven. You can read him at

He is also a keyboardist and a number-cruncher and has won several gold medals in the National Olympiads and Creative Writing Competitions.

This book A Magical Conquest has been published in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. You can download this book for free for a limited time here. Also, my book Shrav vs Sana got published in the same carnival.

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