One of my mommy’s blogger friend has published her EBook along with our book. So, my mom asked me whether I would be interested in reading that book. Believe me, initially I was reluctant to open and read those printed sheets my mom has given to me. Why would a seven-year-old kid be reading rhymes tell me? Who has that time, I am so very busy with lots of stuff to do.

This week, it was very hot and sultry in Chennai, and while sitting in the A.C. room, with nothing much to do, I opened this folder and started reading this book. Trust me, this book got into me, right from the first page itself. I have never heard about Archanids till date. When I started reading further I got to know that our common spiders are also called as Archanids. I came to understand so much about those common spiders. They seem to have 8 eyes. Can you beleive it? Till now, I thought that it has only 8 legs. So now I wonder if it has to wear spectacles like my dad, how many does an Archanid need?

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There are so many animals that aunty has covered, with lots of fun facts about each one of them. There was a time, when a bird’s feathers are used as currency. There are animals which change their gender. How I wish, we humans have also that power. The fun doesn’t stop with one animal. I read about so many new animals, whose names also I couldn’t pronounce properly first time, when I tried.

Wait, wait, the best is yet to come…the message on the “Social Distancing”

“All Animals bright and beautiful,

are telling us something,

only if we care to stop and listen….”

From Marvellous Rhymes by Jyotsna Atre

I wanted to ask Jyostna Aunty – how come she is able to read my mind and pen it down here in this book. I always feel that the passing clouds in the sky, the falling rain drops are talking to me. Even the flying bumble bee, is trying to tell me something, but before it comes near me, I get scared and run away into another room. That’s a different story all together.

This is really a magical book with colourful illustrations and backgrounds. The information is given in terms of nice tips and poems that any kid would love to read. Overall, this book is awesome.

My Recommendation:

So this is one book, which I found very interesting and planning to recommend to my aunties, to keep this in our school library after the school reopens. So that my friends can also read it and have all the fun.

About the Author:

As told earlier, the author of this book is Jyostna Atre (aunty). She is a blogger friend to my mommy and thats how I came to know about her book. It seems, she has written multiple childrens books. So I look forward to read them all.

Book Availability:

This book is available for free download for a limited period of time at the Blogchatter Ebook Library. You can download this book here.