This weekend, I read (rather my mom did the read aloud to me) another book from the Blogchatter’s EBook carnival. As per my mom, I am a neverending question bank, when it comes to history. This book gave me so much of raw material to think about. I know, I know, now you all must be anxious to check out which book I am refering to isn’t it? It’s the Colony Kid by Meena aunty.

About the book Colony Kid

The book Colony Kid is all about a kid growing up in the ’80s and the fun they had during that time. Meena aunty’s stories capture her childhood memories in detail and it gave me a picture as to how my mom’s childhood might have been.

My Review of the book:

The first chapter captured my attention as to how being a big sister, Meena aunty was expected to take care of her younger sister. She is just like my friend’s brother. That bhaiyya Sarvesh takes care of both of us (his younger brother and me) during the summer holidays whenever they come to visit their granny here. I wish, I also have a younger sister, whom I can babysit.

Secondly, I loved all the aunty’s doodles and drawings. How they did it in the margins of their books and sheets. We never get to do any of these things. First of all, we don’t do much writing only these days and we type a lot. And, there are no regular powercuts to here. We do have the investors right? So only, when we get floods or cyclones we will be getting powercuts. I do remember one such time, where we all had candlelight dinners and enjoyed it a lot.

The next part that stuck with me is the library part, as the author’s experience is more similar to that of my mom’s. My mom showed me the university library at Tirupati, where she used to go daily during her holidays.

In another chapter, the author mentioned how she spent a long time sitting in the hot sun with all the flies sitting on top of her. First of all, nowadays, we don’t find so many flies in the house. Secondly, my doubt to Meena aunty is what if the flies have eaten you just like that? How could you allow them to sit on you? I honestly, don’t like the buzzing sound they create while flying.

I honestly liked all the chapters and felt as though, I went into that age by reading this book. I felt as though, I and my mom were roaming around the streets of Tirupati while she read this book to me. But one thing, that didn’t gel well, or rather I didn’t like is the comparison corner. Why compare the old to the present? My mom says that it would make the adult readers nostalgic and that’s why the author has kept this one. But from a kid’s point of view, this has become a speed breaker for me while reading the book and hence skipped those boxes after the second chapter. Sorry, aunty for this point.

About the Author:

Meena Chatty is a mother of two, a yoga lover, and a book mad. She is also enthusiastic about painting, art, and languages. She takes great delight in teaching Mathematics to her children and nephews.
One of her most loved traits is to make up stories to help them understand tough concepts or lines that need to be learned by heart. She is an avid learner of everything.
Her blog BalconySunrise reflects the myriad emotions she has on life, everyday situations and
everything in between.

This book “The Colony Kid” has been published in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. You can download this book for free for a limited time here. Also, my book Shrav vs Sana got published in the same carnival.

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