As you all know that, me and my mom have published our book Shrav vs Sana in the Blogchatter EBook carnival. This time around there are couple of kids books in the carnival. So, I started going thorough them one after the other. Hence please stay tuned for my reviews about the Children’s books that have been published in the carnival. Here comes my first review, which is about the Zoo Animals written by Humaira aunty.

My Review of the Zoo Animals Book

To start with, this book is very colorful and looks pleasing to the eyes. It suits for the younger kids who have just started reading. That was my first impression of this book.

But later, when I moved on to the second and third pages, I understood the efforts Humaira aunty has put in preparing the book. This book looks more like my school nomenclature cards. She has captured so many details for each animal and including its weight and dimensions.

I liked the way, she has captured all the small details like their food, their eating habits, sleeping pattern and everything. She has explained about forty different animals and all their details in this book. I wish we could have had little more animals that are commonly found in India too listed there.

I am planning to take a printout of this book and convert these pages into flashcards, as they would be useful for me while I am doing the Science reading. I can also use this information to ask questions in the quizzes conducted in the school.

Thank you Humaira aunty for this wonderful book and I would recommend this one to all my friends. But one small suggestion, please include more animals and insects to make this book a more complete one. I got a feeling that I finished this book too quickly after reading it. I know it’s a lot of work, but we kids would definitely enjoy having all the animals and their details in one single place. This book seriously looks like our nomenclature books available in my school or like a quick small encyclopedia.

About the Author:

Humaira Sadaf is a lecturer by profession. She has seven years of teaching experience. She lives with her parental family in the luxurious city of Lakshmipur in Uttarpradesh. She enhances knowledge and skills to the best of her efforts. She likes to read books, writing styles, debates. She is an avid writer, reader, and blogger. Catch the Sight of Zoo Animals is her second EBook written. She blogs at Creative Life Star blog – ponders the aspects as lifestyles, food, travel, fiction, life, poetry, tips freelance writing, and reviews.

This book is available for download at Blogchatter’s EBook library, or you can click here. Hope you all know that even my book is there in the same library. So you can download that too if you haven’t already downloaded it. The link for my book is here.