This time around, I am reading a book published by my daddy’s friend’s daughter (even my dad has author friends you know?). Naiyah didi is in grade 10th and she wrote about her experiences during this pandemic and online classes. The book “And I passed my Boards” is all about what this didi did and felt during the pandemic. In a way, this book is similar to my “Lockdown Adventures” book but written from a totally different perspective.

About the Book:

This book talks about the mind and emotional state of a 10th-grade student. Naiyah didi has written how she felt during the initial days of the pandemic. How she spent her time along with her parents. Once the online classes have started, the fun part of the book starts. She captured all her experiences with online schooling. Of course, as she is much elder than me, she has to attend exams and handle a lot of assignments, which definitely would cause a lot of stress. Didi narrates how she overcame the fear of exams and how she prepared for the exams in the book.

My Review of “And I passed Boards”:

My dad and mom have read this book initially and told me to read it. But honestly, I took my own sweet time, in picking up this book. Once I took this book, I just couldn’t put it down. Also, my mom has marked those paragraphs which would be of interest to me.

I really loved the way, Naiyah didi has penned down her experiences. I am totally in awe of her, how can she change 12 schools till now. How she is able to make so many friends and keep moving across cities. I just can’t imagine myself doing that earlier. But after reading her book, I am getting tempted to try her way of life.

The entire book is very good, but it took some time for me to understand the exam fever, strict teachers, and the stress of assignments, assessments is something new to me, as I study in Montessori school. Maybe I have to learn about all those things when I grow up.

The fun in the KV campus and the description about is really interesting that I felt like going there and seeing it. But am scared of the monkeys there.

The next best part is about the PTM’s and how kids used to suffer there. We never had any of those meetings and my teachers (whom we call aunties) are very cool and caring. They care a lot about us and tell us in a totally soft way. But we do listen to them also. We also have good fun along with them during our sleepover time and during the field trips.

Overall, this book is a very good one and I would recommend this to every kid, as it’s just not entertaining, it’s an eye-opener for younger kids like me.

Ohh, I almost forgot to mention the drawings in this book. I think they were done by her only and they are really cool and attractive.

About the author Naiyah Prakash:

Naiyah Prakash from her website

Naiyah Prakash is a 15-year-old kid who has just completed her 10th grade from KV IIT Chennai during the pandemic. “And I passed my Boards without even appearing for it” is her first book in which she has attempted to offer a vivid account of her encounters with life in forced confinement during the pandemic, by featuring the highs, lows, peppered with hilarious evocations of usual school days and animated memories.

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Instagram: AuthorNaiyahPrakash