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B – day

I am back once again wtih another letter today. Today its B-day, and what are you thinking? I would be talking about Birthday, as most of the kids are interested in Birthday’s only. No you got it wrong this time. I am going to talk about the mightiest person in the Indian Mythology and he is none other than Bheema the great.

The Bheema by birth itself is a huge kid and used to be very fond of food. He never could wait for his food it seems. So Draupadi always divides the food into two halves and the first half goes to Bheema and the other half would be eaten by the rest of the four Pandava kids. My granddad told me this story to praise Bheema’s observation and concentration skills. You want to know that story?

Bheema’s Observation skills:

One night when Kunti (the mother of Pandavas) was giving food to all her sons in the palace, suddenly a huge wind came and blew off all the candles. Please remember that there was no electricity in those days, like how we have it now. So she immediately called out to the palace servants and asked them to light the candles back. In the meantime, like any typical mommy, she asked all her kids to stay calm and quiet wherever they are and not to touch anything.

When the lights came back, everybody got surprised to see the empty plate in front of Bheema as he finished his dinner so fastly even in the darkness. Everybody became curious as to how could Bheema accomplish this feat. His reply was simple in fact. He told that when his mommy was serving the food, he just observed and so he remembers where everything is and hence its become an easy task for him to finish his meal. As light is there or not is just our perception and we shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Hearing this conversation, Arjun felt that he should also become very observant and vigilant if he has to become a big warrior and so he also started practicing it. My granddad tells me that if they can really make themselves very big with these simple techniques, we should also practise them and become big in our chosen fields. And I like this story a lot.

There are a lot of stories that show how Bheema normally saves Pandava’s and other normal citizens from the troubles. So people started calling Bheema as the Mightiest person of all Pandavas. So slowly Bheema’s ego started getting built. He started feeling that there is no other person on this earth who can defeat him.

What lesson did this mightiest Person have to learn?

But can you imagine that a single old monkey defeated the mightiest person Bheema? No right, but yes that story really happened once. During the Pandava’s exile, Hanuman came to test Bheema in the form of an old monkey. When Bheema couldn’t even lift the tail of the monkey, he has realized that there are mightier people on the earth and he is just not the only one. This has happened under the direction of Krishna to bring down Bheema’s ego. If you want to know more details about this story, its available on the book below from Amazon.

What I learnt from Bheema?

Based on the stories narrated by my granddad and mom, I learnt the following from Bheema

  • One should be observant all the time
  • Only when we concentrate on what we are learning, we can learn things to perfection.
  • We shouldnt feel proud of our accomplishments.

Here comes the end of my story on Bheema. Hope you liked it my friends. Please find my other Indian Mythological stories for #A to Z Challenge here. Happy to be part of this exciting journey and see you tomorrow. Please let me know your comments on this story of mine.

Author’s Note: All the pictures used here are “Free to use” from Google/Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons only and sufficient credit has been given to them.