Bath, Bath & Bath – Who invented this headache?

Hey guys, despite being a weekend, am so frustrated…can you imagine who caused me so much frustration? Who else can that be, my parents. My parents are after me to get me bathed..and I didnt want to take a bath. Its as simple as that you see…from last one week, thats the biggest fight thats going on between two of us. My mommy and daddy think that because they are two in number, they can outwin me…but am I the meek one, no way…i have lots and lots of defensive weapons on my side.

      I told my parents that they need to calm down and sit with me and have a peaceful negotiation for this..and guess what, as usual they started laughing but finally sat down on the bed..Then I told them the following reasons for not taking a bath…
1) Water goes into my eyes
2) My hair gets wet and all sloppy…

    Instead of listening and agreeing to me, my mom and dad got me a cap and goggles and asked me take a bath now..tell me being a girl, how can my mom watch me take bath..even if she doesnt feel shy, I would feel shy naa…she should understand this and being a big man, I cant tell all this to her isnt it?

       My teachers are also bad, they keep talking about bath in the school as well, and teach me rhymes like “I try to DRY myself….” out in the class, how can they show the tummy of a boy to all others. I got angry on them for that reason and when I made faces, they told me Sai see the TV…so mean isnt it?

          My siblings (Jimmy and Johnny) are the best you know, they dont have to worry about bathing and brushing..Hope you remember them, they are our pets at home (dogs). I wish I am also like them…but then they cant catch ball or play cricket..all they do is sit or lie down whole day. They cant even talk. I want to be like them only for bath and brushing parts. For the rest, let me be myself…

         Friends, can you guys help me in this regard? Please tell me who created this concept of bathing and brushing..I have to go and yell at them to my hearts content…all dogs, cows etc dont take bath. Same is the case with McQueen as well…so I think I should get the exemption from bathing..Please tell me in case if you cant, then I have to write it on my white board and ask Krishna and Govinda to resolve this problem for me….

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