Hola Friends, how are you all?

These days, I am getting into a thinking mood quite often. Want to know why? I am always with my mommy right, so I get a chance to observe my mommy a lot. And I am thinking that mommies have an art of changing their faces. Have you guys ever felt that?

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I know, you would always get confused with my words. Let me explain you in detail.  Mommies most of the time are always pleasant and as soon as we wake up, they would be so loving and give us lots of hugs and kisses…that’s the most “Lovable mommy face” I would say.

When we take lot of time to brush or bathe, then you would get to hear a series of shouts just like normal shout, bigger shout and much bigger shout..and I call this mommy as “Shouting mommy face“. These shouting mommies don’t understand that we kids also have more important work than to brush and bathe you see. We need to figure out what is the new shape the clouds are forming up in the sky, what is my Goldie kitten up to. We need to find that out first before completing the brushing part. Then we need to find out the biggest, smallest, colourful bubbles in the bathroom or find out a new worm or creature there in the bucket. But honestly, I don’t have energy to explain this shouting mommy all these things. So before this shouts become loud and louder, I hurry to finish off my stuff.

 When we are asking our doubts while going for a walk or while doing some art work, there comes a new mommy face which has an annoying look and she keeps murmuring Hmm, again and again. So I call it as a “Hmm mommy face“.  This mommy wants us to stop asking with questions and get done with the work. But will she ever understand that getting basics is the right thing to do?

 The “Angel mommy face” comes up when we mess up with toys and keep playing continuously with out asking for gadgets. This mommy face doesn’t mind mess with water or toys in the rooms. She keeps repeating that kids are meant to create messes and later clean them up. She also helps us in cleaning up. So I love this face a lot and want this face to continue for ever. 

Last but not least, let me tell you about the “Tiger Mommy face“. This face comes up when we spend too much time in front of gadgets. Gadgets can be anything from mobile, to TV. My goodness, I am really scared of this face and the shouts that follow. I just feel like running and hiding under a sofa or bed during that time. So I kind of avoid using the gadgets more than an hour at any time. Have you guys ever faced the Tiger Mommy? My suggestion is to never mess with this mommy.

Hope now you got some clarity in the different faces these mommies wear? I just wonder who taught them this art? Do you have any idea about it? Also, please let me know the tips to deal with the various faces of mommies in the comments.

 I at times really get scared too you know? So now I keep wondering which face my mommy would wear based on my actions. Of course, I can guess most of the faces by now and be prepared for the same you know. But please keep this as a secret between us. Please don’t tell my mommy OK? Can I treat it as a deal?