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We are going to the rule the World

I Know We are going to the rule the World

by Zayde Wolf is playing on loop on the speakers and Shrav is totally immersed in practicing his batting stance in front of the mirror in his room. He never heard the knock on the door, or the loud shout coming from his dad that it’s time for his next class.

As everyone knows, Shrav loves cricket so much that the game has become his second life. It’s becoming difficult day by day to differentiate between the game and Shrav as both of them are becoming inseparable like conjoined twins. Even during the time he spends in college, he would be only present in the body form, and in his mind, he would be facing the balls from the fiercest bowlers on the field. Since he is securing top marks and doesn’t cause much trouble in the class, the college management and lecturers are tolerating his body present, but mentally absent attitude. He is also the trophy bearer for them in all the inter-collegiate cricket matches. He is also able to secure top ranks, as he uses cricket analogies to solve most of the problems in different subjects. Now, even his teachers/evaluators have started looking forward to his solutions, which gives them a different perspective.

The time has come for the Tamilnadu state team selections. So most of the tough teams are competing at their best and trying to get their star players into the state cricket team. Everyone in the college and family has expected a smooth sail for Shrav and in fact, Shrav’s parents have already decided the gift they would be giving to Shrav after the announcement of the State team’s selected list. But, God had different plans this year for them. So, in a freak accident of jumping from the steps on the staircase, Shrav broke his ankle. It was such a nasty fall, that doctors have advised Shrav to take complete bed rest for 2 months at the minimum, which means that he needs to skip the busy cricket season this year.

A Short Story on Cricketer's Life.. "And, that's just the new beginning"

After recovering, Shrav tried to get back to his cricket in full swing, but that didn’t work out as well. As one problem or the other kept surrounding them. It was either his father’s ill health, or family financial situation, or something else. Though these problems prevented Shrav from stepping into the cricket ground, he is one person who can never be stopped. He kept on playing the game in his mind. And whenever, he could get some time, he tried watching the replay of the matches on the Hotstar or TV.

After a couple of years, another freak call has put Shrav back on to the cricket ground. This time, it came as a quick call from his college friend, Nishant. Nishant has already started playing for the state team, but could never get into the national team. Their team had fallen short of people for an exhibition match and Nishant thought that calling Shrav to fill that position wouldn’t hurt him much.

After a gap of three years, Shrav got an opportunity to finally step onto the cricket ground. He was a little nervous in the beginning, but since it was their team’s turn to the field, he was able to control his nervousness and was able to field well. Being out in the field has calmed his nerves and the touch of the field under his shoes has filled him up with positive energy, which he has long forgotten. Soon, it was time for their team to bat. Having come as a substitute, Shrav didn’t get a chance to come for batting in the beginning.

The bowlers from the opposite team have started raining full Yorkers and Bouncers. Shrav’s team couldn’t either stand the spinners or the fast bowlers from the opposite team, and they had to bow down at a low score. That is the moment when Shrav walked in as the eighth batsman. The celebrations have already started in the opposite team and the commentators were predicting a good sweep for them.

Initially, Shrav also struggled to establish his stance. He was getting nervous and jittery under the spell of the fast bowlers. It was time for a drinks break and instead of having a sip of water, Shrav just stood at the crease and kept talking to his bat.

And, then it happened….

We can see a marked change in the body language of Shrav and the first ball goes for a six. It’s just like the change we see in a split personality. The batsman we are currently seeing at the crease is a totally new Shrav with a different aura. This new avatar of Shrav is oozing out so much self-confidence and is taking all the bowlers to a sweet little ride by smashing their balls across the field.

This exhibition match is just the new beginning….

and the story continues….. with Shrav in his new jersey and shoes and heightened confidence, in his new journey on the rediscovered path….

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