Hello Friends,

April is coming fast and so are our summer holidays. Generally, this would be a very busy season for me with the annual days and sports day. That’s why you get hear rarely from my end. But for my mommy and her blogger friends, its the #AtoZ Challenge month. Didn’t understand what it is? There is this big blogging event that would be happening in April and this time, we are also participating. Please click on this link to register here.

Though my storytelling and naughtiness keeps on growing on daily basis, my mom will have very less time to capture all my thoughts on the screen and that’s the reason why my blog hardly gets updated in spring/summer period. As she has to give me company in all my games isn’t it?

Last year was when we first heard about this #AtoZ challenge in April from Kanika aunty and my mom asked me whether to take part in that challenge, but I had three dance shows lined up one every month and also since I started gymnastics also at the same time, I told point blank NO to my mom. And my mom needs my help to fill this blog right, so that’s the reason why we didn’t participate. So all thanks to Kanika aunty and my mommy’s other blogger friends, we have decided to participate this year in #AtoZ Challenge

This year, we thought over and decided to take part with the help of my granddad and dad together. As my mom was telling me that her other blogger friends advised her to select a theme, she was thinking of themes that are of my current interest. But finding over topics for all the alphabets came as a challenge.

Our Theme for the Challenge:

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

Suddenly, we got the aha moment and that’s again to do with my granddad. Before joining the school, my granddad taught me all the English Alphabets. But not in the traditional way as taught in the schools. Can you guys take a guess? He associated each alphabet with an Indian Mythological character and taught me more about that character. He introduced Indian mythology to me in this funny way. So we are going to do the same now. So join me now to learn more about Indian Mythology and various characters from them.

According to my granddad, “Indian Mythology is a vast trove of knowledge and could be applied to today’s fast-paced world too if looked correctly”.

Of course, my knowledge is very limited only and will share with you what I learned from each of those characters. I had already started some tales with a few characters. In case, you want to know more about those characters then stay tuned to my blog.

Till then,