Initially, I used to wonder what is happening, as I am hearing a lot about the Corona Virus everywhere. Then one day, the aunties in our school have taken some time to explain to us about this immediate threat that’s spreading to the entire world. All the kids at the school thought that it wouldn’t impact us as long as we are clean and practise hygenic habits. But we never thought that our schools would be shutdown all of a sudden and we kids would be forced to stay at home, without any classes or activities scheduled. We never imagined that we would be also subjected to the quarantine life without leaving the premises of our own house.

Honestly, this is one of rare occurances we have seen in our entire life, where both of you (mom and dad) staying at home and no one is stepping out of the house. I kind of started loving this period, as I can get up late without worrying about missing the bus. I can be at home all day, in my pyjamas, lazing around and having fun with you. I think that way, this quarantine life is fun.

But with in a week of this period, what we all did, is not what I had expected. So now that this quarantine life got extended to another 21 days in India, I want you all parents to understand what we kids are thinking about this period.

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Just like how you guys are busy with your career and homefront, we kids are also busy with our school and activity classes. And this is the time, when all the family members are staying together at home. Ofcourse, you guys are also working from home. So let’s have a plan for the entire quarantine period going forward.

  • Please don’t expect us to spend as much time as we spend at school doing our studies or worksheets or online courses.
  • Our studies, activities are not going to run away. They would restart once when the world opens up post this Corona Virus.
  • Please spend time with us, playing board games, painting, silly pillow fights, whatever that interests us at that moment for some time in a day
  • Please allow us to help you in kitchen and while cleaning, maintaining the house. We are not the guests of the house, and also we might not be able to complete it to the perfection, but we love working along with you.
  • After you finish your work, please sit down with us and watch a show, movie or a video along with us. We just don’t want to want to watch the gadgets all alone.
  • Please let us eat some junk food too, when its available. May be a breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner too would work fine during this holidays. Once the school starts, we would get back on track with healthy food too. But whatever meal it is, lets all have it together as a family.
  • Though we can read on our own, please take some time and read a story to us daily. Also please share stories of your childhood with us. We would love to hear how messy you were when you were a kid
  • Let’s do some video calls to our friends and relatives and talk to them, as we want to know them. Also, please allow us to do some video calls to our school friends too.
  • Lastly, give us some free time for ourselves, during which we can invent our own games and play without any adult supervision. It improves our creativity too.

I know you parents know all these things, but are too busy in your world to spend time with us. So lets take this quarantine time as the god’s blessing and spend time together as a family. We can be happy and energetic only if we are near you and spending time with you. Otherwise this newspapers, and television are always spreading news about corona which is making us anxious too.