Hey Guys,

          I am back with my stories..sorry for the long break, in the meanwhile, I was busy with my summer holidays and dance shows. More about those stories later. I have 1000 stories to tell you all, but first about my new daily routine.

        I had stopped going to School this year. Got surprised hearing this news isn’t it? YES, you heard it right. I am no longer attending a School. I am only going to the HOUSE. Now, you are sitting straight while reading this right? I am already staying in my home, which can be also called a HOUSE, then to which HOUSE am I going now? Can you all take any guesses.

           Okay, OK, let me break the suspense. I am going to “HOUSE OF CHILDREN”. This HOUSE is “FOR the KIDS” and “OF the KIDS”.  This place is full of kids and we manage our time on our own with the help of the elders like aunties. These Aunties are no where like teachers as they don’t shout at us saying SILENCE all the time or SIT DOWN. If you hear any shouting it would be only from us the kids and not that of the aunties. Those loud voices are also to express our joy, but we are learning to keep our voices down and speak like adults.

            We don’t have a typical black board or a time table like that in a School. But we learn a lot while working on our own and do lot of puzzles and activities which teach us everything we need. This House also doesn’t have benches and stools to sit down and we can sit where we want and do what we want. Don’t you think its all fun. We Kids help each other in this way, when we get stuck at some point. This also encourages lot of conversation between us the kids. So we are making friends finally with out somebody telling us to “Go and talk to that Kid A or Kid B”. This helps me for kids like me to observe the kids and talk to only those people whom I like. Can you believe that I already had made two friends here in this House?

            Another interesting point is that there is no uniform for us and also no books. Can you imagine a school with no books, home work and no uniform. NO, its not possible right? So then this place is definitely is a HOUSE for us and we are being treated just like kids.

             Also the best part is that there is no forced Snack time or lunch time. I like this a lot, as I don’t have to sit forcefully in a circle and eat what was being served. When I really feel hungry, I can go into the kitchen and cut a fruit or vegetable and eat it or else I can pick it from my snack box.

            Also, we are having so much fun and learning about a lot of things in this HOUSE and there are always people around to answer my never ending questions. There are lot of activities which help me in researching the answers for my questions too. Even the adults in this HOUSE are patient enough to answer my questions just like my MOM and DAD. No body snubs or snaps the kids like in other schools here.  So I am very happy and excited going to this HOUSE every day. I am going since last three weeks and I don’t want this experience to end.

              Now you all must be wondering where is this HOUSE isn’t it? Its not in the dream land where I frequent with my friends Krishnaiah and Govinda. This is very much in Chennai and its called “BODHANA HOUSE of CHILDREN”. I know you guys don’t believe me, but please see their website below:

Bodhana House of Children

Image result for bodhana montessori house of children

Pic Courtesy: Bodhana website images.

       So after visiting their website and our house, can you all please answer my question as to this House is managed by Whom? You can answer back in the comments below.