Normally we go to Rajahmundry, to visit my friend Godavari and we stay in the Rajahmundry town itself. We take the ferry across Godavari, so that I can stay closer to my friend and we both can talk for long time. But at times, when the ferries become crowded, I prefer sitting along the Godavari banks and watch the sun set and watch trains pass by on the famous Godavari, rail cum road bridge.

This time around, instead of checking into the hotel in Rajahmundry, my Dad arranged for a cab from the railway station and we had to travel for a very long time. I was very curious as to where we were going. But dad asked me to listen to the music played in the car and relax. So I slept while listening to the music. Then all of a sudden, my mom woke me up, and showed that my friend is also traveling along with me. It was such a fun to see the river traveling along with our car. Then I understood that there is some surprise in store for me and this has been my dad’s plan all along. So I thought, I just don’t have any other option, except go along with his plan and  #SayYesToTheWorld.
By the time, we reached the resort, it was getting dark. But as soon as we walked through the corridor to the reception, there was a big surprise waiting for us. Please find below the photograph to understand the surprise I got.

Do you agree that its really beautiful. Its best that I had seen so far in my entire life. I never knew that a pond can be so beautiful too, that it can contain so many flowers. Till date, all the ponds I had seen are in front of the temples, which has clear water or the flower garlands. But this one is unique and beautiful isn’t it.

Next day morning, I woke up early to see the flowers but few of them have already bloomed and some are yet to bloom. There are so many honey bees whizzing past the bloomed flowers. Their hum was the only sound we can hear and it was so peaceful. Even when the honey bee is pinching the flower for honey, it looked so happy. Seriously, can anybody be really happy if somebody pinches you. Won’t you feel the pain? When I asked my Mom, she told me that honey bees would be very gentle with the flowers. I think I should ask Krishniah for this real answer. Please remind me later OK?

I was not at all getting bored watching the pond, flowers and honey bees. I don’t know how much time I had spent there. The place was so quiet and my happiness knew no bounds. I even danced to my favorite tune and showed my dance to those flowers. Finally, my mom had to drag me out for a walk. There came another surprise when I went for the walk.

The pool is pretty much next to my friend (Godavari). This time, I don’t have to sit some where far from her and talk to her. I can keep swimming near her and talk to her too at the same time, and no body would be able to laugh at me. But I am scared of pool right, so didn’t want to jump into the pool. Then my dad slowly convinced me to get into the baby pool. Swimming next to my friend, when she is slowly humming the songs is really good and that feeling can’t be explained at all. I just loved it. So I didn’t feel like coming out of the pool.

Then came the sunset time and I bet you guys would never have seen so many colors in the sky. It was just awesome. Seeing this wonderful display of colors, even Godavari started changing its colors. I was just spellbound. I didn’t know how to express my feelings. I had watched so many sunsets from my garden in Chennai. But this beauty is beyond comparison.

Now I understood that what my dad says is always true and it doesn’t hurt us to #SayYesToTheWorld as this world is just not Chennai and Godavari. This beauty taught me that there would be so many beautiful places all around and we should be willing to explore. This unplanned trip has left me spell bound for so long, so may be going on a #BlindDate would be equally fun too. #BlindDate with the world could take us to more wondrous places like (something like my #BucketList):

1) Under the Sea to watch the corals and puffet fishes
2) Top of the Volcano to see the molten fire
3) On a mountain train trip to understand its mechanism
4) May be to the International space station so that we can catch a rocket and visit the Moon/Mars.
5) May be to a desert, so that we can watch the camels and ride on them

This is just the sample #TheBlindList I could think of, and it can be totally different from above as well. But now I learnt that every blind turn gives us new surprise. So would you be willing to join me on my #BlindDate with the World? Then please #SayYesToTheWorld join me in my future trips.

Author’s Note: This article is for Lufthansa’s new campaign of #SayYesToTheWorld and please click this link to get more details.
The resort which we visited is Sterling Dindi resort in Andhra Pradesh, near Rajahmundry.
Pictures: All the pictures used in this blog are the personal pictures taken by the author during their trip and are copyrighted.

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