It was slowly getting dark, and my mom started lighting oil lamps in front of our house. Seeing the lighted lamp, I remembered this time of last year. It was a similar night, but with rain too and all of a sudden we heard thunderous sounds outside and my brothers (pet brothers Jimmy and Johnny) got really scared and started shivering. They were trying to hide in various corners of the house, but still we can hear the sounds. 

My mom and Dad closed all the windows and doors. The moment they closed the doors it started sweating a lot but still the sounds are being heard. Now I also started getting scared and started closing my ears. My mom switched on the air conditioning and also started playing nice rhymes on TV.  Then we slowly started relaxing . My mom gave all three of us our favourite treats and she was sitting with us in the room only. 
Slowly it became dark, and then we can see huge lights shining on window panes. We got scared thinking some house is on fire just like we tend to see in movies. And our jitters returned back. Now my dad explained that all these sounds and lights are due to the crackers which people are bursting on account of festival.

I want to find out why this tradition has been introduced which scares not only kids like me, but also all the animals. Why can’t it be just the festival of lights and sweets alone? Can you guys please let me know?

Word count: 260

This post is written as part of #TellTaleThursady with Anshu & Priya who host the weekly photo fiction for bloggers