Book Review – Tania and the Mystery Smoker

One of my mommy’s friends has written so many books about Tania and my mommy reads those stories to me. But this story got my attention and I wanted to read it by myself completely. I hope by now you could have understood why I got interested in this book, isn’t it? If not, please do check out my video about the smoking troubles that I faced at the tea shop near my house. So, that’s the reason why I wanted to write this book review for “Tania and the Mystery Smoker“.

My “No Smoking Video”

My Thoughts:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The first chapter itself got me hooked. Even I have a younger cousin and I will feel very bad if my cousin gets hurt. I can really understand the pain Sonia would be going through and the anger Tania must be feeling. The other day, when my sports coach pulled my friend’s leg teasingly itself, I got so angry that I told him not to tease my friend. If it had been my own cousin or sister, surely I would be really angry just like Tania.

Source: From Amazon

I got to read and understand about the new concepts called Privacy and Addiction. Though, I heard those terms while adults were talking, I never got to understand their true meaning or how to use them. Now this aunty has very clearly explained the concept of the CC TV workings and other things in the form of conversation between Tania and her mom. I really liked that idea. Infact, this book acted as the starting point for many interesting conversations between me and my parents. At the end of all those conversations, my dad told me that I am addicted to cricket. But tell me folks, will my love for cricket really harm people?

I also liked Tania and her friends. I think, I also should try to solve some cases like them. The way they caught hold of the mystery smoker is awesome. I would say that its very innovative yet logical scheme that these friends have followed. I also liked the lesson Tania learnt in this book. I will remember it going forward.

My Recommendations:

I loved this book a lot and the way the problem has been resolved in this book. So, I recommended this book to my friends in the school. This book suits to all the kids in my elementary class. i.e., from 7-12 years. My mommy agreed to my opinion and told that she would share this link in our school whatsapp group as well.

About the Author:

As stated earlier, Kanika aunty is my mommy’s friend and she is a wonderful author. She has more than 30+ books to her credit. She teams up with her daughters and writes a series books about Tania. You can find her books on Amazon here. Aunty can be reached on her blog or SM accounts mentioned below.


Twitter: KanikaGee

Facebook: Kanika G

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#SSSeries: Daam, Daam Tus Tus

It’s Newyear party time and the entire house is decorated with lights and flowers. Sana’s dad got a lot of big and colorful balloons, which he started blowing so that he can tie them all over the house. In the meantime, Shrav and Sana who were playing outside in the garden came into the house for a quick snack. What followed then was a big fireworks show of Daam, Daam Tus, Tus. Didn’t you understand what is this fuss all about isn’t it? Then read on further to know what it is all about.

Daam, Daam Tus Tus

The moment Shrav saw the balloons, he got panicky as he is scared of big sounds. He always thinks about the popping sound that comes from balloons and keeps thinking as to when they are going to pop, instead of playing with the balloons like other kids of his age. The balloons always pop with big sounds – Daam daam. Shrav is allergic to high decibel sounds and that’s why Diwali is the most hated festival for him.

Shrav: Shouting, Uncle – please put away all those ballons. They are not good for us. I hate them so much.

Sana: Stop overacting Shrav, I like playing with ballons and that’s why my dad got those ballons for me. How can we have a party without balloons?

Shrav: Hitting his head, I am not overacting Sana. I do hate balloons. So that’s why I am asking your dad to remove them. Why you don’t understand it?

Sana: How can a kid hate balloons. There must be something wrong with you, come lets go to a doctor and get you tested out.

Shrav stomps out of the room into library in a huff and bangs the door. Sana follows him back like a true friend.

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Sana: Shrav tell me, why are you scared of balloons. There should be some reason for this fear of yours, isn’t it? She started shooting questions at Shrav like arrows. Tus Tus

Shrav: I don’t like those horrible balloons why you can’t understand. So, go away from me as you want only balloons. You are not my friend any more.

Shrav’s mommy comes into the room to see what’s going on as both of them were shouting at their top of the voices. When she understood the situation, she explained to Sana that Shrav is a very sensitive person and the sudden high volume sounds disturb him a lot. He can only bear the sounds that he makes but gets jittery and agitated for the sounds that are not in his control.

Then Sana, being a naughty child, came up with a naughty plan as usual. She went on popping the balloons behind Shrav’s back whenever he is not looking. Shrav kept getting angrier and angrier. He picks up the toy gun and tries to threaten Sana. But that also didn’t work out. So he walks out of Sana’s house full of anger and tells his mom that he would never play again with that little monster again. In fact, he doesn’t even want to see her again.

The next day, morning when Shrav’s mom couldn’t find him in the house – she goes in search of him, only to find both little munchkins playing happily in the backyard. After the play is over, Sana hands over Shrav a gift in the wrapped paper. When Shrav tears it open, he sees that it’s nothing but Sana’s favorite piggy bank, which she calls as the “Anxiety Box“. Sana tells him to write all his fears about the balloons in chits and put them into this “anxiety box” daily. This “anxiety box” would safeguard all his fears and he can be free without any tensions. Shrav keeps writing the chits and puts them into that “anxiety box” for couple of days.

During their next picnic day, both the parents could see Shrav and Sana playing merrily with the balloons in the park. Shrav is no longer scared of balloons. Sana helped him in getting over his fear of balloons and sounds. Now let’s see whether Shrav would really be able to bear the sound of crackers in the next episode?

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Introducing Sana the sweetheart by Shrav in S&S Series

During December, my mommy’s cousin’s family moved to Pondicherry, as that uncle took a new job in Pondicherry. So, we visited them during my Christmas holidays. Their family is also very sweet and nice to us. I met my cousin Sana for the first time in my life. So thought of Introducing Sana in this S&S Series.


Shrav: Sana is a 6-year-old girl and she is very naughty and funny at the same time. We both had a gala of time playing together. Her comments are very witty and she is able to make me laugh like crazy. She is just in grade 1 and younger than me, so I keep telling her that she needs to listen to me. But she tells me that I need to listen to her, as she is the youngest kid in the house.

Though she is younger than me, she knows a lot of cool stuff and teases me a lot about it. It’s good to have her around and play with, as I was getting bored sitting all alone due to the lockdown. She looks like a real princess in her long blue frock (or gown whatever it is called), she wore for the party on the other day. I remembered the Disney Princesses movie. But, please don’t tell her this, otherwise, she is going to tease me a lot.

But regularly, she is a very naughty kid, who can’t sit quietly in one place. She will be always exploring something or the other or would always be up to some of the other pranks.


Sana: Shrav is the new cousin I met after moving to Pondicherry. He seems to be a cool kid with a lot of talent. He talks continuously and that too most of the time it’s all about Cricket and the Cricketers. He never gives the other person a chance to talk also about cricket. His knowledge about cricket is awesome, but he needs to be aware of more kiddie stuff. I think he needs a person like me to teach him there is life other than cricket too.

Of course, he knows a lot of cool stuff about Space and Gymnastics too. There is a lot to learn from him. But please never ever tell that to him OK? If he comes to know that I like his talent, then no one can stop him. So we need to act very calmly and neutral in front of him.

Parents: We thought that these two kids would become good friends and play happily. But where have we landed? They always behave like fire and ice and keep fighting. Looks like we can’t even sit in peace and have a cup of tea. Will they be better if they stayed all alone? But they keep playing together happily only for some time right? So let’s see whether these two kids would settle down or not.

Author: I guess you wouldn’t want to miss the fun of fireworks or the friendly banter that’s going to happen under the S&S Series isn’t it? Just stay tuned to our social media channels to get the latest updates. In case, you want to quip in with your ideas for the Shrav vs Sania duel, you can mention it in the comments. Stay tuned for new episodes every Monday from us.

Let’s Welcome 2021 with the Diary Writing Habit

Today is the first working day of 2021. Have you guys started working, or are you still in vacation mode? I finished my online classes in the morning. My aunt in the school has introduced us to a new concept called Diary Writing. Of course, it’s more like our daily journal writing, which we do at school. But it has more flexibility and more choices than we can use while writing.

Writing a Diary helps to pour your feelings into a book which nobody would ever listen

– Sowmya Iyer

When I told this to my mom, she told me that the Diary can act as your best friend, who always will listen to your inner thoughts. The things that you don’t want anyone to hear out, can be shared here. She also agreed to my aunt at school saying that it’s really a good habit to start our New Year. So, I went along with my dad to the book shop nearby and got myself a brand new diary. This is how my diary looks like. It has beautiful pictures of various important monuments across India. So, with the help of this diary, I am also finalizing the destinations to visit during our summer holiday break.

I can use this diary to note down all the important information about the Cricket game. There is also a calendar in this diary, wherein I can note down the dates of all the forthcoming cricket seasons in 2021.  I am also thinking of learning all the essential aspects of cricket legends, which I will document here in this diary itself as my go-to book on cricket.

What about you, what are you going to write in your diary? My mom said, she would write about how she spent her day and her favorite quotes or poems in this year’s diary. My dad told me that he would like to keep a record of all his management and psychology learnings in this place. So this is how everyone’s diary is different.


Our aunt in the school told us that we can use this diary for the following activities too:

Daily Writing Prompts: For children like me who are starting our diary writing habit for the first time, the parents can give us daily writing prompts based on which we can write. It would help us in improving our creativity.

Personal Journaling: This is what my mom is going to do, capturing her personal journey throughout this year. She is going to capture her goals, aspirations and would keep working on achieving them

Project Journaling: This is what my dad and I will be using to keep track of our various projects.

Nature Journaling: My friend A in the school is interested a lot in gardening along with another aunt in the school. They both were planning to keep a record of their gardening activities.

There are other forms of diary writing, which capture people’s art and craftworks. Since I am not a person, who is into the arts or crafts, I am not planning to talk much about it. Also, my granny writes about all her shloka’s in her book. We can also call that diary the Shloka diary.

Keep a diary and one day it will keep you.

– Mae West

My dad told me that we can write these diaries online also, these days. But since, we are already spending so much time in front of the gadgets due to the online classes as well as watching a few videos. I think it would be best to write the diary on the original physical diary itself. It will give us more flexibility to decorate the page and showcase our doodling there too. What say, folks? Whatever format you prefer, it’s a good habit to start your new year. So why don’t you all start writing your diaries from today itself? Please let me know which diary format you have picked up and what you are planning to write there with me too.


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Mapa Story is my New Buddy – What about you?

How is this #Lockdown treating you all? I hope by now you all would have got busier with the Online Classes and Schools, isn’t it? I still find so much free time in my hands even after my online classes as well. Reading books all alone is so boring and it gets a little lonely after a while. But luckily, I found a new buddy called Mapa Story. My mommy got to know about this app and downloaded it for me. Now you are wondering what’s so special in this Mapa Story app, isn’t it?

Mapa Story App:

It’s a new app on Google Playstore that my mommy got a chance to review and she showed it to me to test this app. As the title suggests this app is full of stories. They are not typical videos of someone narrating the stories on youtube. Its a story actually told by one of the parents or grandparents to their children using the books. We can easily relate to the voices and feel like listening more.

Source: Mapa Story

Also to top it, there is a wide variety of stories including Mythology, Education, Fairytales, Knowledge stories, and a lot more. The person narrating the story would show the book and recite the story. So, in case if you want we can try to outsmart the narrator by trying to read the story before him. I always do that as it gives me pleasure to see the narrator always reading the stories in a very slow and soothing manner just like my aunty in the school. So, this app is giving me a chance to practice slowing my talking speed, and hence making my daddy a happier one, as he always says that I speak like a bullet train.

The additional advantage of this app is that the stories are narrated in both English and Hindi. As I belong to a non-Hindi speaking city, my cousins always tease me for my pronunciation in Hindi. So, this app is giving me exposure to proper Hindi and I am planning to develop my Hindi speaking skills using this app. Isn’t it wonderful?

Source: MaPa Story

Now that’s not all, there is one more surprise in this app. We can ask our parents/grandparents to record the stories while they are reading them for us. That’s a wonderful feature, isn’t it? A lot of people can hear our voices and enjoy the story narrated to us. Even we kids can record the stories as a special surprise to our parents. I liked this surprise element a lot.

Now you all must be thinking that then this app must be really expensive, isn’t it? No, it’s not the case, my mommy says it’s budget-friendly and she is happy with that. You can check the details and download it here. She has subscribed to this app for me on our mobile phone (both me and my mommy’s) so that I can hear the stories whenever I feel bored at the house. Honestly, my mommy is not worried about the screen time while I am using this app as I can just lock the screen to listen to the stories. So, our screen time restrictions won’t apply for this app and at any given point of time, listening to stories improves our knowledge. So mt mom and I are completely happy with this app.

I really feel like my granddad is narrating the stories when I hear some of the stories narrated by old people. I am not able to fall asleep without listening to a story on this app daily. My mom thinks that I am falling asleep faster these days. So now, did you understand why Mapa Story has become my best buddy?

If you are interested, then “Check out this unique story telling app that I really enjoyed – MaPa Story! You can read, listen to and record stories from anywhere. Get a special 30% discount too by subscribing on the App. Here is your referal code 51536

Link to the MaPa Story app on Google Play Store:

TikTok #ShabashIndia is unleashing creative side of kids

During this global lockdown, staying indoors with kids and managing/channelizing their high energies is the biggest challenge for most of the parents. TikTok has started a new campaign initially called #ShabashIndia to increase the morale of the health workers and other primary people helping us to maintain the lockdown. But over a period of time, this campaign got converted to a wonderful stage to showcase the talents. One can see a lot of creative videos trending online on TikTok in the form of viral videos.

Initially, most of the people used it to showcase their funny side only in the TikTok videos. But once these videos started going viral, the other angles started surfacing. Most people started using it to showcase their creative side as well.

Some people started showing their DIY’s and their expertise on various topics like dance, music, and a lot more. Obviously, when everyone is staying at home and if mom and dad are active TikTokers, why would the kids be left behind? They also started using it to show their creative side, by uploading their dance videos, music videos. Even their karate, or physical exercise videos.
Source: TikTok Trending Dance Choreography video

Initially, my mom thought that it’s very unsafe for kids like, yours truly. But later when all my friends started using TikTok kid’s version of the app, I told my mom and she also installed it for me. The child-friendly TikTok app is all safe for the kids. My mom has got all the flexibility to set the parental controls for me on that app. So, now I am able to see my friend’s videos and am also able to upload mine also without any hassle on this app. Of course, the uploading has to be done by my parents only, not by me due to the security features. I had made a lot of new friends on TikTok now and I follow them too for the latest videos.

There are a funny parent and kids dance challenges that went viral on TikTok sometime back and I would watch them regularly. Also, lots of kids are uploading their dance videos on TikTok across the world. So, I get to know the various trends in dancing.

The best is the funny dog and cat videos on TikTok. They are really funny and I love to watch them a lot.

Have you guys ever seen the TikTok trending videos? If not, it’s already too late, as you are missing so much fun. Please do login and watch the TikTok funny videos on the kid’s app and let me know your thoughts.

Sindhu on ZEE5 Review

Sindhu is one of those interesting shows in Marathi, that is currently streaming on the ZEE5 OTT family. This serial was first aired on Fakt Marathi channel and has crossed 100 episodes. As it has turned out to be a highly popular show in Marathi, ZEE5 shows has decided to bring this serial on to their OTT platform. Are you curious as to what this Sindhu on ZEE5 holds for you, check it out below.

Picture Courtsey:


This serial is a Marathi family drama, about a child prodigy Sindhu and her struggles. Despite the hardships she has faced, she continues her educational journey and achieves her dreams. This serial is set up in the pre-Independence era. My mom wanted me to watch this serial, so that I can understand how tough the life is during that time. 

This is a costume rich drama, which lime lights some of the social evils of that Pre-Independence era along with the plight of the girls in that era. Sindhu is seen as the independent and progressive thinking girl, who tends to question the regressive ideas put forward by the society at that time.  This unique concept is from the multifaceted personality Srirang Godbole, which is really a different one when compared to all the other serials we see normally on the TV. No wonder, it’s the highly popular show on the Marathi T.V.

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Sindhu – Aditi Jaltare (as the child)

Martand Shastri Ranade – Atul Mahajan

Gangadhar – Prasad Dabke

Gopika – Manjusha Joshi

And other important characters are assayed by Srihari Abhyankar, Ved Ambre, Saurabh Sutar, Gauri Kiran, Shaswati Pimpalikar and Pooja Mithabawkar


There are a lot of points to be noted from this serial for everyone. Especially about how the society used to function at that point of time. The following are the key take away points for me.

Picture Courtsey:
  1. Never Stop Dreaming:  Sindhu shows how powerful your dreams can be if we work hard towards them. During the pre-Independence era, girls were not supposed to study. But Sindhu always wanted to study, and she fights with everyone to continue her studies. 
  2. Keep Learning new things: Sindhu is always keen on learning new things. She keeps learning one thing or the other till the end. In fact, she even pushes the elder ladies in her house to keep learning new things.
  3. Be Passionate: One needs to follow his or her passion and try to excel in that. Sindhu’s story is a good example for the same. How she fought her marriage to study.  Also, how she convinced her family so that she can continue her education even after marriage.   
  4. Stand for Right causes: Sindhu showcases the moral courage and strong will and always questions if she thinks that something is wrong. I think we all should know how to stand up for our own rights.
  5. Fight off the Negative forces: There will always be few negative people in everyone’s life. We should never let their negative thoughts influence us. It’s always good to fight those negative forces and make them see the goodness. or to stay away from them.

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Lastly, I liked the title song which is nice and melodious, and that tune stayed in mind for a long time. I even liked those costumes of that era. But I guess they are too heavy to wear them daily. What say, folks?  So. please do watch the Sindhu on ZEE5 and let me know your thoughts on the same.

Book Review – EBook Marvellous Rhymes

One of my mommy’s blogger friend has published her EBook along with our book. So, my mom asked me whether I would be interested in reading that book. Believe me, initially I was reluctant to open and read those printed sheets my mom has given to me. Why would a seven-year-old kid be reading rhymes tell me? Who has that time, I am so very busy with lots of stuff to do.

This week, it was very hot and sultry in Chennai, and while sitting in the A.C. room, with nothing much to do, I opened this folder and started reading this book. Trust me, this book got into me, right from the first page itself. I have never heard about Archanids till date. When I started reading further I got to know that our common spiders are also called as Archanids. I came to understand so much about those common spiders. They seem to have 8 eyes. Can you beleive it? Till now, I thought that it has only 8 legs. So now I wonder if it has to wear spectacles like my dad, how many does an Archanid need?

There are so many animals that aunty has covered, with lots of fun facts about each one of them. There was a time, when a bird’s feathers are used as currency. There are animals which change their gender. How I wish, we humans have also that power. The fun doesn’t stop with one animal. I read about so many new animals, whose names also I couldn’t pronounce properly first time, when I tried.

Wait, wait, the best is yet to come…the message on the “Social Distancing”

“All Animals bright and beautiful,

are telling us something,

only if we care to stop and listen….”

From Marvellous Rhymes by Jyotsna Atre

I wanted to ask Jyostna Aunty – how come she is able to read my mind and pen it down here in this book. I always feel that the passing clouds in the sky, the falling rain drops are talking to me. Even the flying bumble bee, is trying to tell me something, but before it comes near me, I get scared and run away into another room. That’s a different story all together.

This is really a magical book with colourful illustrations and backgrounds. The information is given in terms of nice tips and poems that any kid would love to read. Overall, this book is awesome.

My Recommendation:

So this is one book, which I found very interesting and planning to recommend to my aunties, to keep this in our school library after the school reopens. So that my friends can also read it and have all the fun.

About the Author:

As told earlier, the author of this book is Jyostna Atre (aunty). She is a blogger friend to my mommy and thats how I came to know about her book. It seems, she has written multiple childrens books. So I look forward to read them all.

Book Availability:

This book is available for free download for a limited period of time at the Blogchatter Ebook Library. You can download this book here.

Must watch Bhandbudh Aur Budbak Series On ZEE5 Kids

Due to the school closure and lockdown, we are spending our entire day in the house only. Suddenly, my granny got the idea that I should improve my Hindi speaking skills. So, she started researching for good Hindi shows that would interest me. Then she hit upon ZEE5 web series for Kids. ZEE5 has started a new platform especially for kids. And surprisingly, it has various genres of content like top animated movies, adventure, action, comedy, superheroes, mythology and even DIY’s. This is like another treasure trove for kids like my favorite Disney Junior.

Can you imagine, the best part, there are various shows on this platform in various languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil apart from Hindi, so we all can sit together and watch. This platform would help me in improving my Hindi. My granny has decided the series – “Bandbudh Aur Budbak Ke Bakwas Bakbak” to start my Hindi training. I would say that she has done an excellent job in picking up the right series this time. We already watched the popular series Mental Hood on ZEE5.

Image Source: ZEE5

Why did this story line interest me?

This series is about two school going kids, Badrinath and Buddhadeb. Their behavior reminded me of my two friends in the school, A and S. Both are exactly very naughty and behave funnily just like Badrinath and Buddhadeb. Their nicknames are also very cute. Bandbudh and Budbak. The episodes one after the other captures all the funny and troublesome moments these two guys get caught into. Their principal is very strict, and these two kids always get into trouble with their principal. The cartoons representing these kids are also cute in a way. So no wonder me and my granny got hooked to this series on ZEE5 Kids.

  • The kids in the classroom are very realistic and have given me a sense of how a typical school would operate, as our Montessori school will not have any benches and chairs to sit and the teachers don’t keep changing for different subjects. .
  • The Hindi used in this series is simple enough for me to understand. OfCourse the visuals are also helping me. So, after watching three/four episodes, I felt that my Hindi vocabulary is improving.
  • The scenes are very funny, and the dialogues are very easy to understand and can be easily related by a school going kid like me.
  • Just like how I forget my things and at times don’t follow the rules, these two kids also do the same.
  • I really liked the Yoga teacher and how he was singing a nice song on yoga there.
Image Source: ZEE5

Top 5 Reasons to watch Bhandbudh aur Budbak:

As per my mom, Bhandbudh aur Budbak is apparently a complete Indian show built right from the scratch in India. So, I liked the fact that someone out there has understood the mindset of the Indian kids and made a show out of it.

  • Bhandbudh aur Budbak represents any two typical school going kids and are very easily relatable. Their friendship is good, and everyone deserves a good friend like that.
  • Their Hindi language is very simple, and this series increases our Hindi vocabulary.
  • Now that most of the schools are very strict and we are not able to go to our schools on cycles, this series is a sort of eye opener for all of us as to how much fun we all can have in the schools.
  • These two kids are very witty and naughty, but at the same time they teach us the important life lessons like what would happen to us in case if we don’t follow the rules in the school, how to take the casual teasing in a jovial way, helping friends during the time when they need us, etc.
  • The animation is very good and improves our creative thinking power as well, as we try to replicate those drawings at home

The best part is that most of the episodes are only for 10-minute duration, which would allow me to watch multiple shows in a short span of time before my TV watching time gets over. So don’t forget to watch the Bhandbudh aur Bandbudh series on ZEE5 Kids. This is one #NonStopBachFun for all the kids during this forced school closure and lock down. What are you waiting for? Please tell me what is your favorite show on ZEE5 Kids?

A Letter from Kid about the Quarantine Life

Initially, I used to wonder what is happening, as I am hearing a lot about the Corona Virus everywhere. Then one day, the aunties in our school have taken some time to explain to us about this immediate threat that’s spreading to the entire world. All the kids at the school thought that it wouldn’t impact us as long as we are clean and practise hygenic habits. But we never thought that our schools would be shutdown all of a sudden and we kids would be forced to stay at home, without any classes or activities scheduled. We never imagined that we would be also subjected to the quarantine life without leaving the premises of our own house.

Honestly, this is one of rare occurances we have seen in our entire life, where both of you (mom and dad) staying at home and no one is stepping out of the house. I kind of started loving this period, as I can get up late without worrying about missing the bus. I can be at home all day, in my pyjamas, lazing around and having fun with you. I think that way, this quarantine life is fun.

But with in a week of this period, what we all did, is not what I had expected. So now that this quarantine life got extended to another 21 days in India, I want you all parents to understand what we kids are thinking about this period.

Just like how you guys are busy with your career and homefront, we kids are also busy with our school and activity classes. And this is the time, when all the family members are staying together at home. Ofcourse, you guys are also working from home. So let’s have a plan for the entire quarantine period going forward.

  • Please don’t expect us to spend as much time as we spend at school doing our studies or worksheets or online courses.
  • Our studies, activities are not going to run away. They would restart once when the world opens up post this Corona Virus.
  • Please spend time with us, playing board games, painting, silly pillow fights, whatever that interests us at that moment for some time in a day
  • Please allow us to help you in kitchen and while cleaning, maintaining the house. We are not the guests of the house, and also we might not be able to complete it to the perfection, but we love working along with you.
  • After you finish your work, please sit down with us and watch a show, movie or a video along with us. We just don’t want to want to watch the gadgets all alone.
  • Please let us eat some junk food too, when its available. May be a breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner too would work fine during this holidays. Once the school starts, we would get back on track with healthy food too. But whatever meal it is, lets all have it together as a family.
  • Though we can read on our own, please take some time and read a story to us daily. Also please share stories of your childhood with us. We would love to hear how messy you were when you were a kid
  • Let’s do some video calls to our friends and relatives and talk to them, as we want to know them. Also, please allow us to do some video calls to our school friends too.
  • Lastly, give us some free time for ourselves, during which we can invent our own games and play without any adult supervision. It improves our creativity too.

I know you parents know all these things, but are too busy in your world to spend time with us. So lets take this quarantine time as the god’s blessing and spend time together as a family. We can be happy and energetic only if we are near you and spending time with you. Otherwise this newspapers, and television are always spreading news about corona which is making us anxious too.

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