Book Review: And I passed my Boards by Naiyah Prakash

This time around, I am reading a book published by my daddy’s friend’s daughter (even my dad has author friends you know?). Naiyah didi is in grade 10th and she wrote about her experiences during this pandemic and online classes. The book “And I passed my Boards” is all about what this didi did and felt during the pandemic. In a way, this book is similar to my “Lockdown Adventures” book but written from a totally different perspective.

About the Book:

This book talks about the mind and emotional state of a 10th-grade student. Naiyah didi has written how she felt during the initial days of the pandemic. How she spent her time along with her parents. Once the online classes have started, the fun part of the book starts. She captured all her experiences with online schooling. Of course, as she is much elder than me, she has to attend exams and handle a lot of assignments, which definitely would cause a lot of stress. Didi narrates how she overcame the fear of exams and how she prepared for the exams in the book.

My Review of “And I passed Boards”:

My dad and mom have read this book initially and told me to read it. But honestly, I took my own sweet time, in picking up this book. Once I took this book, I just couldn’t put it down. Also, my mom has marked those paragraphs which would be of interest to me.

I really loved the way, Naiyah didi has penned down her experiences. I am totally in awe of her, how can she change 12 schools till now. How she is able to make so many friends and keep moving across cities. I just can’t imagine myself doing that earlier. But after reading her book, I am getting tempted to try her way of life.

The entire book is very good, but it took some time for me to understand the exam fever, strict teachers, and the stress of assignments, assessments is something new to me, as I study in Montessori school. Maybe I have to learn about all those things when I grow up.

The fun in the KV campus and the description about is really interesting that I felt like going there and seeing it. But am scared of the monkeys there.

The next best part is about the PTM’s and how kids used to suffer there. We never had any of those meetings and my teachers (whom we call aunties) are very cool and caring. They care a lot about us and tell us in a totally soft way. But we do listen to them also. We also have good fun along with them during our sleepover time and during the field trips.

Overall, this book is a very good one and I would recommend this to every kid, as it’s just not entertaining, it’s an eye-opener for younger kids like me.

Ohh, I almost forgot to mention the drawings in this book. I think they were done by her only and they are really cool and attractive.

About the author Naiyah Prakash:

Naiyah Prakash from her website

Naiyah Prakash is a 15-year-old kid who has just completed her 10th grade from KV IIT Chennai during the pandemic. “And I passed my Boards without even appearing for it” is her first book in which she has attempted to offer a vivid account of her encounters with life in forced confinement during the pandemic, by featuring the highs, lows, peppered with hilarious evocations of usual school days and animated memories.

You can reach her on her social media at:


Instagram: AuthorNaiyahPrakash

My Lessons from ICC World Test Championship Final Match

Last week, I was totally busy with the ICC World Test Championship finals and hence couldn’t read any books or concentrate on any activities. The match was very exciting and interesting but gave a disappointing result in the end. There are so many lessons one can learn from this match and here come my lessons from ICC World Test Championship final.

While our Indian team was mentioned as the most probable winners of the Test Championship, the Newzealand team was not very weak. They got qualified for the final match before us. The only difference is that they didn’t show off or boast about their winning skills. They just stayed calm and quiet. The rains started playing havoc with the match right from day 1. And I was so disappointed to see the first day’s match totally getting washed out.

Luckily, the sun came out on day 2, and even though we had intermittent rains, the match continued. In the end, we lost the game by 8 wickets still it was a very interesting match. Both the sides, the players have really played well and tried their best. But in the end, the victory came to the team who played the best.

The New Zealand wicket-keeper, BJ Wattlings has announced his retirement from international cricket after this match. He has shown so much grit and determination while playing this match.

Lessons from ICC World Test Championship Final

  1. Staying calm under pressure: It is very important to stay calm and composed. The New Zealand both openers stayed calm and played the game as a game and gave a very good start to their team. Their partnership helped the team a lot.

2. Bowling attack: Though the Indian team has good spin and fast bowlers in the team who are more experienced, the New Zealand batting team just took each ball after the ball as they came. They didn’t show any fear to face Indian bowlers. Kyle Jamieson does not look for wickets he just played the game as a game and took 5 wickets. He didn’t budge under the pressure at all.

3. Consistent Practice: How you play depends on how much you practice your game and how you react under pressure. The New Zealand team didn’t get too excited or got pressurized a lot in the game. They just played the game with dedication and seriousness. Their behavior in the stands or in the crease is very dignified and composed.

4 Never Say Never: The wicket-keeper BJ Wattlings has injured his finger during the second innings. But decided to stay in the crease and continue his work, as he has realized the importance of good wicket keeping during that time. His decision has changed the match completely in their favor.

5 Finally believe in yourself: New Zealand team captain believed in himself and guided his team to success with his motivation and team-leading spirit. I liked the way Kane Williamson reacted after the match is over. He never showed too much excitement about winning. It was like just a job done well for him. He has displayed this very same attitude even after the ICC World cup loss and was able to bring back all the disappointed team into the groove.

That’s why my mommy says that there is so much to learn from folks like Kane Williamson and Dhoni. Both are very cool and composed people and motivate others to reach their full potential. I even sent a message to Kane on his Instagram account. I hope he would respond to me in due course.

Though I was disappointed with the loss and cried for one full day, later I came to understand the reasons for the New Zealand team win. The more I read and analyzed, the more I am in awe of Kane. I wish I get to meet him one day soon.

Did you guys saw the match? What are your key take aways from this match?

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Saina Movie Review & my learnings from it

This weekend we watched the Saina movie and I was honestly captivated by this movie. During the Pre-corona days, I was attending the shuttle badminton classes too. And my coach has gifted me Sindhu and Saina akka’s posters to put in my room too. So, when we were just browsing the movies on Amazon prime, we hit upon this movie and I wanted to see it immediately. Here is my movie review about Saina.

I had already heard about Saina and Sindhu so many times from my coach and my mom. So, I was curious as to how the little Saina would look like. This movie picks up the speed after Saina’s family moves to Hyderabad so that she can get the best training for her Shuttle badminton.

I never believed my mom, when she said that Saina’s coach Gopi Sir is very strict and very particular about diet. When I saw in the movie that Saina has to change all her food habits after joining Gopi Sir’s team, then only I understood its importance. But I still have one question for Saina Akka. How can she survive with just one chapati? I eat three and then still feel the hunger and keep craving for chocolates and other stuff. Also, I heard that Gopi Sir stopped her from eating icecreams. But I have seen that Akka and her friends were eating icecreams now and then. So not sure, why my mom told me like that.

Also, Saina’s mom is very strict. Did you see that she slapped Akka in front of everyone for not winning the gold medal in nationals? I was so surprised seeing that scene. How can a mom beat her kid just like that? When I lost in my artistic gymnastics, my mom didn’t say even a single word to me but gave me a burger instead. So Akka, please tell your mom to calm down a little bit.

Also, I wonder how you were able to get up daily at 3 AM and report it to Gopi Sir by 5:30 AM. But what my coach told me that Gopi sir expects his students to report sharp by 4:30 AM. And in case, if you are late by 15 minutes or so, you are marked absent that day. I got up for my gymnastics competition for 15 days like that at 5:00 AM. After that, I honestly lost my interest in getting up daily so early. Don’t you honestly feel bored going daily and practice the shuttle? You are really awesome Akka. There is so much to learn from you.

Like that time, when you went to practice your game while your mom is in the hospital. I cried seeing those scenes you know? How could you do that akka. How did you get that determination and will power?

I wish, the movie showed more in detail about your game and your fitness routine. They didn’t even show your Olympics match. You should have told them to shoot properly na. Also, you didn’t show properly your reactions after you lost the no. 2 positions. I know that you have this “Never Say, Never Die” attitude and you really charged ahead and got that no. 1 ranking. But that entire process is not at all clear.

Also, Kashyap was not shown in full length. He was such a good shuttler, isn’t he? Nowhere, he was shown playing the game, except throwing few rallies for you. Why is it like that? Also, why is Gopi Sir’s name changed to Rajan in the movie. I was so waiting to see your picture with him in the end, but that was also missing. Anyways, I do have that picture with me.

But on the overall, this is a very nice movie and a must watch for all the kids who want to shine in sports, as this movie teaches the importance of diet, discipline and mental stamina. I used to adore you earlier itself, but after watching this movie, I am in so love with your game and everything Saina akka. Please keep inspiring us like this and I really want you to start taking part once again in competitions.

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Book Review: The Colony Kid by Meena Chatty

This weekend, I read (rather my mom did the read aloud to me) another book from the Blogchatter’s EBook carnival. As per my mom, I am a neverending question bank, when it comes to history. This book gave me so much of raw material to think about. I know, I know, now you all must be anxious to check out which book I am refering to isn’t it? It’s the Colony Kid by Meena aunty.

About the book Colony Kid

The book Colony Kid is all about a kid growing up in the ’80s and the fun they had during that time. Meena aunty’s stories capture her childhood memories in detail and it gave me a picture as to how my mom’s childhood might have been.

My Review of the book:

The first chapter captured my attention as to how being a big sister, Meena aunty was expected to take care of her younger sister. She is just like my friend’s brother. That bhaiyya Sarvesh takes care of both of us (his younger brother and me) during the summer holidays whenever they come to visit their granny here. I wish, I also have a younger sister, whom I can babysit.

Secondly, I loved all the aunty’s doodles and drawings. How they did it in the margins of their books and sheets. We never get to do any of these things. First of all, we don’t do much writing only these days and we type a lot. And, there are no regular powercuts to here. We do have the investors right? So only, when we get floods or cyclones we will be getting powercuts. I do remember one such time, where we all had candlelight dinners and enjoyed it a lot.

The next part that stuck with me is the library part, as the author’s experience is more similar to that of my mom’s. My mom showed me the university library at Tirupati, where she used to go daily during her holidays.

In another chapter, the author mentioned how she spent a long time sitting in the hot sun with all the flies sitting on top of her. First of all, nowadays, we don’t find so many flies in the house. Secondly, my doubt to Meena aunty is what if the flies have eaten you just like that? How could you allow them to sit on you? I honestly, don’t like the buzzing sound they create while flying.

I honestly liked all the chapters and felt as though, I went into that age by reading this book. I felt as though, I and my mom were roaming around the streets of Tirupati while she read this book to me. But one thing, that didn’t gel well, or rather I didn’t like is the comparison corner. Why compare the old to the present? My mom says that it would make the adult readers nostalgic and that’s why the author has kept this one. But from a kid’s point of view, this has become a speed breaker for me while reading the book and hence skipped those boxes after the second chapter. Sorry, aunty for this point.

About the Author:

Meena Chatty is a mother of two, a yoga lover, and a book mad. She is also enthusiastic about painting, art, and languages. She takes great delight in teaching Mathematics to her children and nephews.
One of her most loved traits is to make up stories to help them understand tough concepts or lines that need to be learned by heart. She is an avid learner of everything.
Her blog BalconySunrise reflects the myriad emotions she has on life, everyday situations and
everything in between.

This book “The Colony Kid” has been published in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. You can download this book for free for a limited time here. Also, my book Shrav vs Sana got published in the same carnival.

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Book Review: A Magical Conquest by Arsh Sinha

This book, A Magical Conquest has been published by the son of my mommy’s friend. That brother’s name is Arsh Sinha. This boy has written all about superheroes and their magical conquest. I think he is also interested in magic and superheroes like me. Thank you, Anna, for penning down this good book. After reading your book, I felt like my book is really kiddish. I can write only about these stories or talk about cricket. But you seem to know a lot of stuff.

About the Book Magical Conquest:

The book, A Magical Conquest is the story of a 12-year-old boy and his friends. How they learn to use their superpowers within a short span of time and save the world. This book is all about Reston who misses his parents as they are busy in their own world of responsibilities and jobs. He joins a mysterious boarding school and from there, everything starts going wrong. How Reston and his friends are going to set everything right is the premise of the book.

My Review:

Last week, my mom took a printout of this book and gave it to me. Since I am a slow reader and prefer my mom to read the book for me, I took almost a week to finish this book. I really liked the story premise of this book and how a bunch of 12-year-old kids tries to save the world, by picking up the superpowers by reading the books and practicing the skills mentioned in their library.

I was just discussing with my mom that, how cool it would be to stumble upon this kind of secret library full of magic and superpowers. My mom pulled my leg saying that I would require a sports room with cricket bats and other accessories. The magic in that room should allow me to bowl to the wickets directly. As other superpowers will not hold my attention for long. Of course, that point is also true to a certain extent.

Now coming back to the book, there are certain points in the book about advanced chemistry and physics that I didn’t understand quite well, but luckily since my mom is there with me, she was able to explain it in detail to me. Only, if we are able to understand those small things, we can enjoy the book. Like for example,

“The controllers of water,
The beasts of mercury,
The hellish attackers,
The ghouls of lightning, …. “

From the Book of Magical Conquest

I didn’t hear about mercury till now. Then my mommy told me all about mercury and showed it to me on the thermometer. So Arsh bhaiyya, thanks for writing to such a detailed level that I was able to learn new concepts in each and every chapter. I just couldn’t stop imagining Resten as you. But I couldn’t figure out who could be me. As there are no sports enthusiasts in your gang. But of course, flying freaks are there, and flying all around makes it all the more interesting.

Tell me, from where did you get this idea of cursing course. For using one bad word itself, I get so much scolding from my parents. Having a course on cursing in school is totally unimaginable for me.

Thank you once again Arsh bhaiyya for this wonderful book and I really loved it. Looking forward for more of these books.

About the Author:

Arsh Sinha is a twelve-year-old talented bibliophile and a sweet and caring introvert who started blogging at the age of seven. You can read him at

He is also a keyboardist and a number-cruncher and has won several gold medals in the National Olympiads and Creative Writing Competitions.

This book A Magical Conquest has been published in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. You can download this book for free for a limited time here. Also, my book Shrav vs Sana got published in the same carnival.

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Book Review: Catch the sight of Zoo Animals

As you all know that, me and my mom have published our book Shrav vs Sana in the Blogchatter EBook carnival. This time around there are couple of kids books in the carnival. So, I started going thorough them one after the other. Hence please stay tuned for my reviews about the Children’s books that have been published in the carnival. Here comes my first review, which is about the Zoo Animals written by Humaira aunty.

My Review of the Zoo Animals Book

To start with, this book is very colorful and looks pleasing to the eyes. It suits for the younger kids who have just started reading. That was my first impression of this book.

But later, when I moved on to the second and third pages, I understood the efforts Humaira aunty has put in preparing the book. This book looks more like my school nomenclature cards. She has captured so many details for each animal and including its weight and dimensions.

I liked the way, she has captured all the small details like their food, their eating habits, sleeping pattern and everything. She has explained about forty different animals and all their details in this book. I wish we could have had little more animals that are commonly found in India too listed there.

I am planning to take a printout of this book and convert these pages into flashcards, as they would be useful for me while I am doing the Science reading. I can also use this information to ask questions in the quizzes conducted in the school.

Thank you Humaira aunty for this wonderful book and I would recommend this one to all my friends. But one small suggestion, please include more animals and insects to make this book a more complete one. I got a feeling that I finished this book too quickly after reading it. I know it’s a lot of work, but we kids would definitely enjoy having all the animals and their details in one single place. This book seriously looks like our nomenclature books available in my school or like a quick small encyclopedia.

About the Author:

Humaira Sadaf is a lecturer by profession. She has seven years of teaching experience. She lives with her parental family in the luxurious city of Lakshmipur in Uttarpradesh. She enhances knowledge and skills to the best of her efforts. She likes to read books, writing styles, debates. She is an avid writer, reader, and blogger. Catch the Sight of Zoo Animals is her second EBook written. She blogs at Creative Life Star blog – ponders the aspects as lifestyles, food, travel, fiction, life, poetry, tips freelance writing, and reviews.

This book is available for download at Blogchatter’s EBook library, or you can click here. Hope you all know that even my book is there in the same library. So you can download that too if you haven’t already downloaded it. The link for my book is here.

Letter From Mother Earth to Humans

I had written this letter from Mother Earth, pretending as Mother Earth. I got this idea while reading the books and doing the worksheets related to Earth Day Celebrations. I think we all should stop and really think what Mother Earth wants us to hear and act.

My Dear Lovely Kids,

It makes me swell with pride to see my kids standing tall on me and building such huge high-rise buildings and flying to my other friends in the Solar System. Some people say that I am really aged and ancient and going insane with old age. Believe me, Kids, 4.5 billion years might be too much when compared to your age, but in our family of Solar system, that’s nothing. 

I saw you all, developing from a single cell rhizome to advanced human beings. Though I am swelling with pride in your advances, I am feeling a little disappointed in you all due to the very simple fact that you are all acting so inefficient and incapable dimwits when it comes to appreciating what you already have!! You guys are like that dimwit shown in Indian classic Panchatantra tales – as you are destroying your own home (me) just like that dimwit who tried cutting down the branch of the tree, on which he was sitting.

How many times, how many people have to tell you not to destroy the natural resources and play with the natural forces. Even after looking at the side effects of droughts, floods, tsunami’s are you not understanding this fact?

So my dear mothers and fathers, please teach more and more about the following 5 most important lifelines to your kids and make them grow into compassionate and empathetic kids, who work towards a larger cause rather than running towards few goals which give momentary satisfaction.

  1. Air: Try to purify the air as much as possible, please plant trees/saplings and take care of them in your lifetime. It will give you more than enough oxygen to breathe and would reduce pollution to some extent.”Everyone has the right to Clean Air” 
  2. Water: Use water sparingly and wisely. Planting more trees and using methods like Rain Water Harvesting would improve the water tables. “You are not Earning Water, so don’t spend it irresponsibly. Save it for future generations too”
  3. Soil: Without Soil, you wouldn’t be getting the food to eat. So safeguarding soil fertility and giving importance to farmers is our primary responsibility. If you use all the available land to build houses, what would you eat?Remember that all living beings came from the Soil and would end up in Soil only
  4. Mountains: Mountains are another lifeline of the living beings on the Earth, don’t destroy them by throwing plastic, digging them for rocks to build your houses. Only the thick vegetation on the mountains would get you enough rainfall to survive year after year. So leave the mountain’s pristine beauty untouched.“Nature’s beauty is a gift that cultivates gratitude and appreciation” by Louie Schwartzberg
  5.  Seas/Oceans: This is another jewel of me and I am proud to say that they occupy 75% of me. They are not your dumping grounds of waste. Please do remember this and behave sensibly with them. “No Water, No Life, No Blue, No Green” by Syliva Earle

I know, reading my above points, you might feel a little overwhelmed as to what a single individual can do. All you have to remember is that the “Change starts with a single step”. So as parents, teach your kids how to behave responsibly towards all the five lifelines. Once this chain starts, it would continue and emerge as a bigger wave of change towards a sustainable model of living. And this would make me again another pleasant place to live and enjoy.

So now the time has come and it’s “now or never”..hope you all would listen to this mommy’s plea and join your hands in protecting me, you and your future.

With lots of Love and Hope, Mamma Earth!!

Hope you like this letter of mine in the form of Mother Earth. If yes, please tell me what special thing you are doing as a part of the Mother Earth day celebrations today.

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#SSSeries: Why we celebrate International Women’s Day!

Shrav entered the house in a very exciting way. He went straight to his mom and wished her “Happy Women’s Day!!” and hugged her tightly. His mom is surprised by his gesture and asked him where he came to know about Women’s day? Who told him about this? He replied that his aunties in the school told them about today’s significance and asked all the children to wish their moms and all the other ladies in the house about International Women’s Day.

Later, when Shrav sat for snacks in the evening, he started asking his mom about the details on International Women’s Day, why we celebrate, and what’s so special about today. Just then, Sana also entered the house and she also joined the discussion.

Shrav: Mom, can you please tell us why we have to celebrate Women’s day today? What is so special about today?

Shrav’s Mom: Around 100 years back, Russian women have obtained the right to vote and decide their next leaders after a hard struggle. Till that time, though most of the women across different countries were fighting for their rights, this is their first substantial win and hence we celebrate March 8th as International Women’s day.

Sana: Aunty, why in the first place do we have to celebrate Women’s day. Are both boys and girls not equal? I don’t see any body treating me less than Shrav.

Shrav’s Mom: This celebration is about the injustice that happened a long time back to Women and we are still working on giving them equal rights and recognition in various fields. This is still an ongoing effort.

Shrav: Then, how come celebrating one day would achieve the desired result mom? How can we celebrate just for one day and say Women are equal to Men?

Sana: That’s exactly my point too aunty. If I say “Thank you and you are really Awesome” to you today and neglect you later what do you feel?

Shrav’s Mom: That’s the reason why we are educating you kids about the importance of treating both boys and girls equally isn’t it? Maybe, when you grow up, this celebration would no longer be needed.

Shrav and Sana: Then tell us what we should do to get this equality everywhere? What should we do as individuals.

Shrav’s mom: Read and find out from the internet, the need for celebrating International Women’s day and what are the injustices that are being met to the women across various fields.

Sana and Shrav sit down with their laptop that whole day to read about various articles that were published on social media and understand in depth the need for International Women’s Day. They read a lot of sad stories and also a lot more positive stories about how brave women have overcome various barriers imposed by society and families. At times, they took the help of parents to understand few things. Finally, they came up with a plan to made a chart that they’re planning to take to the school and present it to their friends. Here is their oath.

Choose to Follow the golden rules below:

  1. Both Girls and Boys are Equal to each other
  2. Respect all women across various levels of the society
  3. No girl should stop their schooling, just because she is a girl.
  4. Girls can achieve anything. We should stop saying that a girl can’t play this or do this work.
  5. Stop people who talk bad about girls either at home or outside.
  6. Don’t bully or tease a girl

These are few of the rules that Shrav and Sana have decided to follow from today onwards very diligently. What about you friends? Have you made any resolution on this International Women’s day? If yes, please share it with us.

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#SSSeries: Best and Worst, worst and best

Sana is a very active and bubbly girl. She likes to try out different activities. Her mom also supports her a lot, by taking her to various classes during the evenings and vacation time. She tried her hand at music, painting, karate, dance whatnot. You name a sport or any extracurricular activity, she would have done it already or would be planning to attend during her next vacations.

Shrav is on the other hand very focused on his cricket and he has decided a long time back itself, that dance, drums and his other favorite activities are only for recreation and his pleasure only. And, he would learn them at his convenience from youtube videos and will not attend any classes for them.

As Sana is attending various classes, she gets the opportunity to attend various competitions or give performances on the stage regularly. She is also a quick learner like Shrav. Also, she attends those classes regularly. So she performs better than others, due to her interest and dedication. Her masters/coaches keep praising her regularly and involve her in various competitions. She slowly started becoming overconfident. She started teasing Shrav saying, I am the Best as I got so many trophies or prizes. But you never get a single prize or trophy, so you are the worst. This easy banter of calling each other the Best and Worst, slowly started turning into a serious note and Shrav started getting a bad feeling about all this. So, he expressed this discomfort to both his mom and Sana’s mom. They both have decided to talk to Sana on this issue over the weekend when all of them are little free.

Every weekend, Shrav and Sana’s families spend their time together. This time, as per the mom’s plans, they all went to a friend’s farmhouse, to spend the weekend. The kids are overjoyed due to this sudden plan and they started playing near the pond by climbing up and down the trees. Plucking fruits and flowers from the plants in the farm. After the breakfast, both the parents sat in the shade of the plants near the pond and started enjoying the morning breeze and sun.

Suddenly, Sana’s mom called Sana for a quick chat and asked Sana to count the number of fishes in the pond. Sana started wondering why this silly question, but anyways, it’s always fun to watch and feed the fishes. So she obligied her mother and started counting them along with Shrav. They both started having fun watching the guppies and mollies in the pond and started counting them seperately.

Shrav’s mom: Sana – which are the fastest fishes when compared to guppies and mollies?

Sana: They both swim alike and can’t really differentiate.

Shrav’s mom: But are they good swimmers or average swimmers?

Sana: They are the good swimmers only, otherwise they would have been dead long time back itself.

Sana’s mom: Assume, if we get another type of fish, let’s say eel or angular fish? Whom do you think are the best and worst fishes then.

Sana: How can we compare like that. Eels and Angular fishes are good in their own space and they are not normally raised in the home ponds or aquariums.

Shrav’s mom: These fishes are all worst isn’t it? They can’t even climb up the trees or run like you.

Sana started getting annoyed now. But, she controlled her annoyance, as she can understand that now both these mom’s are leading her to somewhere.

Sana: Fishes live in water and they will die, as soon as we take them out of water. But that doesn’t mean that they are the worst on land. They are not suitable to live on the land that’s all.

Now, both the moms started looking at each other and started laughing out loud.

Moms: Sana – Did you understand what we are discussing till now. Can you relate this discussion to our own lives? You might be a good dancer when compared to Shrav. But it doesn’t mean that Shrav is the worst dancer, as dancing is not his forte. Also, you may be the best in your dance class. But can you really compete with your dance master and win. Or even the dancers who come in the reality shows on the television?

That means there is a lot to learn in every field and the people who call themselves the Best will not be really progressing in their learning but will get stalled at that stage. The people who think that there is a lot to learn will only succeed at a later stage in life. So, we can’t just call someone the best and worst. We use them to term the person’s actions at that particular time only. They are not permanent terms and they keep changing with time.

Now, Sana understood that she can’t be overconfident all the time and need to be more humble about her skills. Only then, she can progress in her learning.

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#SSSeries: Crabby Wabby, Wabby Crabby

Shrav started going to the Sports classes in his neighborhood. He started learning cricket in a nearby academy. There he gets to meet and interact with a couple of older boys. This is the first time, he is interacting with senior boys who are elder to him by 5-6 years. He liked that bunch of boys a lot and started to hang around with them even on those days when there is no cricket practice. He started going to the local parks on his own and playing with them.

Shrav’s parents were very happy that their boy is growing up and started to get a circle of friends outside the family friends and relatives kids. They thought that playing with other boys will drain away Shrav’s excess energies and it would be good for him in the long run too. As typically boys at this age will be having unlimited energy levels, which neither parents nor Sana can match. All these boys want at this age is a physical play which involves a lot of running around and falling down. But, Sana started missing Shrav, as he started spending less time with her. Though he still likes playing with Sana and reading along with her, his active playmates are those bigger boys.

It’s a Saturday and Shrav went out in the morning itself to play the cricket match with his gang of friends. So, Sana spent the whole afternoon reading books and in the morning she attended her kid’s school classes, which are conducted to teach the Indian Culture and traditions once a week. Shrav came home around 5 PM tired and in a very angry mood. He started snapping at people who tried to offer him some snacks or refreshments. People thought that he would come out of that mood after he is refreshed. But no, that mood continued well into dinner time.

After Sana’s family moved into the neighborhood, Sana and Shrav’s families always have dinner on the weekends together. While having dinner, Sana tried cracking some jokes with Shrav. Shrav retorted with few bad words to Sana and he kept on snapping Sana. Sana felt so bad for Shrav’s behavior, as he never used those bad words to date. No one in their families used those words, even when they become really angry. So, parents started thinking about the root cause for this behavior from Shrav, instead of scolding him then and there. They understood that Shrav is learning all this from the older boys.

But from that day onwards, it became a regular routine for Shrav to keep using bad words and cuss words as and when he feels like that. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is hurting people with this attitude of his. Shrav’s mom gave a new name to this mood of Shrav. She called it “Crabby Wabby” mood. Sana liked this new name a lot and she started teasing Shrav with this new name a lot.

Shrav got tired of this new silly “Crabby Wabby” name. So, he went and asked his mom what does this new name mean? Shrav’s mom asked him to go and get a box full of band-aid’s from the nearby medical shop. By the time, Shrav returned from the medical shop, Shrav’s mom finished her work in the kitchen and also called Sana for the discussion.

Shrav: Mom, tell me what’s this new name you are calling me “Crabby Wabby” with? What does it mean?

Shrav’s mom: Wait, wait…let me take one band-aid.

Shrav: In an annoyed tone, What the heck you are talking about?

Shrav’s mom takes out a band-aid and pastes it on Shrav’s hand. Shrav now really gets irritated and he starts using the bad cuss words to express his annoyance. The more bad words Shrav uses, Shrav’s mom pastes more band-aids on his arm. Finally, Shrav controls his anger, as curiosity gets better of him. So he asks his mom in a peaceful tone as to why she is doing all this.

Shrav’s mom tells Shrav to peel off those band-aid’s one after one. Shrav tries to peel them off and it hurts him a lot. Shrav was still not able to understand anything even now. The same is the case with Sana. Then, Shrav’s mom explains:

When you use bad words, it hurts other people who are receiving them a lot. Though they might not show it outwards, it still hurts their sentiments and then they would not be able to talk freely to you. Just like the pain you are getting while removing the band-aid’s one after the other. The glue marks of the band-aid are also seen on your arms, isn’t it? So, that’s why we shouldn’t hurt anyone even while we are in an angry mood. Feeling angry is OK, but hurting people using bad words is NOT OK. We need to understand why we are getting angry and have to work on the root cause of it, instead of hurting people around us.

Now, Shrav understands the impact of bad words, but still, he is not able to understand the meaning of the new name given to him. So he once again asks his mom to explain to him about the new name.

Shrav’s mom: Crabby is another word for being Angry and Wabby is a nasty wasp, which stings whenever it comes across any hurdle. The bad words used by Shrav are hurting (stinging) people just like how a Wabby does. So that’s why Crabby Wabby is the new name for people who behave badly. Sana and Shrav were totally impressed with this explanation and they started appreciating the quick wit of Shrav’s mom.

This post is part of #SSSeries that @Shravmusings is hosting. Please message us in case you want to join this fun event. You can read other stories in this segment here.

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