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Sindhu is one of those interesting shows in Marathi, that is currently streaming on the ZEE5 OTT family. This serial was first aired on Fakt Marathi channel and has crossed 100 episodes. As it has turned out to be a highly popular show in Marathi, ZEE5 shows has decided to bring this serial on to their OTT platform. Are you curious as to what this Sindhu on ZEE5 holds for you, check it out below.

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This serial is a Marathi family drama, about a child prodigy Sindhu and her struggles. Despite the hardships she has faced, she continues her educational journey and achieves her dreams. This serial is set up in the pre-Independence era. My mom wanted me to watch this serial, so that I can understand how tough the life is during that time. 

This is a costume rich drama, which lime lights some of the social evils of that Pre-Independence era along with the plight of the girls in that era. Sindhu is seen as the independent and progressive thinking girl, who tends to question the regressive ideas put forward by the society at that time.  This unique concept is from the multifaceted personality Srirang Godbole, which is really a different one when compared to all the other serials we see normally on the TV. No wonder, it’s the highly popular show on the Marathi T.V.

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Sindhu – Aditi Jaltare (as the child)

Martand Shastri Ranade – Atul Mahajan

Gangadhar – Prasad Dabke

Gopika – Manjusha Joshi

And other important characters are assayed by Srihari Abhyankar, Ved Ambre, Saurabh Sutar, Gauri Kiran, Shaswati Pimpalikar and Pooja Mithabawkar


There are a lot of points to be noted from this serial for everyone. Especially about how the society used to function at that point of time. The following are the key take away points for me.

Sindhu, Sindhu Marathi Show, Marathi Show, ZEE5 Shows, ZEE5 Show review, Reviews, Shravmusings, Kid Blogger, Sponsored Post
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  1. Never Stop Dreaming:  Sindhu shows how powerful your dreams can be if we work hard towards them. During the pre-Independence era, girls were not supposed to study. But Sindhu always wanted to study, and she fights with everyone to continue her studies. 
  2. Keep Learning new things: Sindhu is always keen on learning new things. She keeps learning one thing or the other till the end. In fact, she even pushes the elder ladies in her house to keep learning new things.
  3. Be Passionate: One needs to follow his or her passion and try to excel in that. Sindhu’s story is a good example for the same. How she fought her marriage to study.  Also, how she convinced her family so that she can continue her education even after marriage.   
  4. Stand for Right causes: Sindhu showcases the moral courage and strong will and always questions if she thinks that something is wrong. I think we all should know how to stand up for our own rights.
  5. Fight off the Negative forces: There will always be few negative people in everyone’s life. We should never let their negative thoughts influence us. It’s always good to fight those negative forces and make them see the goodness. or to stay away from them.

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Lastly, I liked the title song which is nice and melodious, and that tune stayed in mind for a long time. I even liked those costumes of that era. But I guess they are too heavy to wear them daily. What say, folks?  So. please do watch the Sindhu on ZEE5 and let me know your thoughts on the same.

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  1. Sindhu is really a must watch. Watched it when it was aired for the first time.
    Another best thing about it is that it was aired on FTA chhanel so you can watch it on free dish too. Haven’t ever seen anything this good on any FTA chhanel yet.

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