Omkar – the Sacred Sound in Indian Mythology

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Today, I am going to talk about the sacred sound mentioned in Indian Mythology. This sound is everywhere and the entire cosmos starts with the sound. I guess by now, you got to know what is that sound isn’t it? Yes its nothing, but Omkar, pronounced as “OM”.

Introduction to Omkar – the sacred sound:

Omkar was there even before the cosmos has been created by the ultimate divine power. My granddad tells me that, Omkar is the most sacred sound in Indian Mythology and it describes the entire cosmos, its creation, its day to day activities (maintenance) and also the ending part in one single Omkar. That’s why this sound is also called as Pranav nadham in Indian Mythology it seems. Of course, I didn’t understand how that can be possible. But he showed me a video from youtube in which Nasa has recorded the sounds emanating from Sun God and they are nothing but the Omkar.

NASA recording of the sounds coming from Sun
Source: Youtube

Yesterday, we read about the discussions between Nachiketa and the Lord of Death, isn’t it? Lord of Death (Yama) explains the meaning of Omkar to Nachiketa. He also explains that the entire order of universe emanates from the way this Omkar mantra is practised.

My interactions with the Omkar Mantra:

Every thursday, when the yoga aunty visits our Montessori house, she makes us practise this mantra. She tells us that practising this mantra regularly not only improves our concentration skills, but also improves our logical reasoning skills. Though I am really small to understand all the importance of this mantra, I could really feel that there is some importance associated with this mantra, as so many people keep saying this.

I like the feeling, I will experience while chanting and even after chanting this mantra. I feel that I am transported to some very good scenic place with a lot of calmness around it and no noise would be disturbing me. Do you guys also experience the same?

Me singing Omkaram

By the way, are you guys practise this mantra or not? If not, let me warn you that my yoga aunty would come after you and will teach you the importance of this mantra in a much better way than me.

So that’s all folks for today about Omkar – the most sacred sound in Indian Mythology. Happy to be part of the #AtoZChallenge and #BlogChatterA2Z. In the meantime, if you want to read my older articles in A2Z, please click here. Expecting to meet you tomorrow, till, then have a great time.

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30 thoughts on “Omkar – the Sacred Sound in Indian Mythology”

  1. Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

    Very inteesinter post. My parents would chant this mantra during their meditation session. I tried a few times too and it actually transports you to another world

    1. Thank you Vartika. These days, some schools are teaching these benefits early in the childhood itself.

    1. Yes very true Zalka. These findings prove time and again that ancient mythology is all of the facts hidden in the form of stories. That is true for all the mythologies, just not Indian

    1. Yes true Kalpana. For kids most of the sounds come automatically from belly thats why their yoga teacher didn’t insist on this fact, as the kids would easily get confused then.

  2. So glad you discussed Omkar naad as your post. Yogis believe in a nirbikalpa samadhi, when world becomes one, only Omkar can bring back a sadhak to his mortal level. The primordial sound, Omkar naad, is what yogis meditate upon.

    1. Thank you Abhijit. This is a very simple but powerful tool which the ancient traditions have left us.

  3. Thats a nice way to express the post from a childs view…i have seen the sun video before …Did u know that some sections of Hindus have beliefs that ladies should not say Om…. i dont believe it of course and i totally agree with the calmness it produces

  4. This is really interesting. I’ve never managed to meditate successfully – my head is like a busy railway station that never sleeps – but I can see how channeling this might help.

    1. Thanks a lot guys for visiting my blog and liking it. Yes, once you start practicing the Omkar, your thoughts would get channelized slowly but steadily

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes I do belive in the power of Mantra and omkar..and i could say confidently that it creates a divine effect on our body.

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