Lava – the Twin Prince from Indian Mythology

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L – day

We had already come to the end of the second week of this wonderful #A to Z Challenge, and I come here with the character named with L. Though a lot of famous and well-known characters have their names starting with L, I had chosen only this particular character as I am still not clear on the twins concept. Yes, we are talking about the Twin Prince from Ramayana in Indian Mythology.

Introduction of Twin Prince:

Lava, Indian Mythology, Twin Prince, Shravmusingswrites, #BlogchatterA2Z, #AtoZChallenge
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He is none other than Lava. Lava is younger than Kusha. Their mother is Sita Devi. She had given birth to them in an ashram. So these kids have grown up in Ashram. These twin princes were living in simplicity, as they never knew that they belong to the royal family and are currently living in an ashram. In fact, they didn’t even know who their father is actually.

The reason, I like them is that in most of the movies I had seen or my in the stories narrated by my granddad, they were always shown as musically talented kids. These kids love to spend time singing Ram bhajans and dancing only. But, surprisingly they had also learned how to use weapons and fight in a war. Otherwise, imagine them defeating all the brothers of Lord Rama. Do you guys know that story?

Twin’s fight with their Father:

When these twin princes were playing out in the forest along with the other kids from the ashram, they saw a horse going on its own. This horse is being followed by an army of people. These kids are as curious as me, so they stopped the people going behind the horse and while enquiring, they got to know that this horse belongs to Lord Sri Rama. As the king is doing Ashwamedha Yaga, as per the Yoga rituals, the horse has been let loose. Now, wherever this horse goes that land will belong to Lord Rama and the people will have to give gifts to the king. If anyone decides not to give the gift, or try to stop the horse then they have to face the war with the king.

Lava, Indian Mythology, Twin Prince, Shravmusingswrites, #BlogchatterA2Z, #AtoZChallenge
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Hearing this, the boys decided to take the horse in. So they caught the horse and tied him to the nearby tree. Then as the war started, all the brothers of Rama have come down one after the other and got defeated in these twin princes hands. Even Hanuman couldn’t fight with them. Finally, after hearing all this, Rama has decided to come on his own and find out who these twins really are.

To cut the story short, then Sita came in between this war and introduced his sons to Rama and they all got united and lived happily. Though mother Sita had gone back to her mom’s place as she didn’t feel like living here in this world.

My Personal take from Twin Prince:

I am always in awe of twins. This is the first time, I am hearing this concept of twins. So I keep asking my granddad, my mom, and everybody to tell me more about the stories of Lava and Kusha. I want to know whether they both think alike, look alike and a lot. But unfortunately, nobody seems to answer them to me. So friends, in case if you have encountered any twins, can you please let me know. So, I can ask all my questions to them directly. I hope you wouldn’t be teasing me that I am a question bank just like my dad. So expecting a reply from at least a few of you.

The lessons, I learnt from these twin prince’s is that where we are, we need to enjoy our life and have fun. But also at the same time, try to learn new things daily.

#A to Z Challenge, #shravmusingswrites, #BlogChatterA2Z
A to Z Challenge
Indian Mythology, Shravmusings, #BlogchatterA2Z, #AtoZChallenge
Shravmusings – Indian Mythology Series

Till then, have a good weekend and enjoy my other stories here. I love being a part of this #A to Z Challenge and #BlogchatterA2Z.

34 thoughts on “Lava – the Twin Prince from Indian Mythology”

  1. Lovely post. You are as anxious as a kid and that is how we learn new things. Your grand dad seems to know a lot about mythology it seems.

    1. Thank you Kalpana. Yup, we can’t predict their nature and to satisfy a kid’s mind on this intriguing concept is a tough job.

  2. Been waiting for your post for the last few hrs. I have just started facing qs about twins after Tuneer has a set of twin bro-sis as his classmates. I showed this post to him and now I’m bombarded with qs as to why twin bros and not bro-sis. May Lav-Kush save me

    1. Thank you Sonia. Summer holidays for kids are taking a toll on the blog you know it very well right. Thats the reason for the delay. Same thing, i invented few stories about twins to keep my kids curiosity satisfied. What all roles a mother has to play

    1. Thanks Keith and thats the mischeif the twins always tends to play. Especially the identical ones.

  3. Thank you for writing about Lave and Kusha. We don’t get to hear about them. Sons of lord Rama, has to be as brave and as skilful in battle as their father. What a valour for young kids.

    1. Thank you Abhijit. Yes we don’t hear any news about these princes after the completion of Rama Avatar. I had to research a lot and also invent few stories to satisfy my kid’s curiosity

  4. Thank you for writing about Lava. Brother of Kusha and son of Lord Rama. We don’t get to hear about him or his brother as much. Sons of Lord Rama and mother Sita, no wonder they are so brave and so skilful in battle.

    1. Very true Abhijit. I had to research a lot to find out more stories that would entice my kid and satisfy his curiosity. Elders in the family also didnt know much about them post Rama Avatar

  5. Have heard and read the story of Lava and Kusa, but have never heard your take on it – The Twin Princes. After reading your post, I find it more fascinating since I have also always been fascinated by twins and have done quite a bit of study on them. I have heard of twins who look exactly alike and those that look very different. Have used this premise to create a few novels of my own. And then there are the Corsican Twins, the younger one attuned to the feelings of the elder one.

    1. Yes, thats very true and for a kid’s mind its all the more of mystery to resolve. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it.

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