Chitragupta – the Record Keeper in Indian Mythology

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Today we are going to talk about the most important person in Indian Mythology. We can call him as the first record keeper or the accountant also in Indian Mythology. He is none other than Chitragupta, the important aid to the god of Death, that is Lord Yama.

Introduction of Chitragupta – the record keeper:

Lord Brahma has assigned the land of death to Yama at the time of Cosmos creation. So, Yama’s duty is to welcome all the dead souls and decide upon based on their actions whether they would be stationed in heaven or hell. But Yama used to get so tired and confused watching the dead souls whole day.

Chitragupta Idol

There were continuous mistakes happening from Yama’s side. When enquired for the reason of these mistakes, Yama mentioned that he is getting confused between the dead souls and their list of actions as all the dead souls look the same to him. Then Lord Brahma has created another person from his body and named him as Chitragupta.

Chitragupta was born with pen and paper in his hand. He is really a diligent person and loves to keep the records straight. You can really imagine how hard his task would be as he has to keep track of all the living things in the entire cosmos.

My take on Chitragupta:

Whenever I sit down to write, my granddad teases me saying this little Chitragupta has opened his book and guys lets run out the room. I have the habit of showing whatever I write in the book to the people around me and ask them to read it when I was a really small kid. So all the people in my house used to run away from me for that reason. That’s when I got interested to know who this person is and started digging a little deeper.

After learning about Santa Claus and Christmas, I had decided that Chitragupta is just like another Santa Claus only. But this Chitragupta Santa Claus will not give gifts during Christmas every year, but will keep preparing the “Naughty List” for all people, including adults too.

My Learnings from Chirtagupta:

My granddad tells me that, we should always be nice and help others. This being nice shouldn’t be limited to the Christmas season and if we are really nice all the time then this Chitragupta would do good for us here on the earth itself it seems.

There are few temples for Chitragupta in India too. They are there in Ujjain, and Kancheepuram and Lucknow it seems. My dad searched the internet and told me. So I am planning to visit at least one of these temples so that I can know more about him. Do you guys love to join me in that visit?

This is my little story about Chitragupta – the record keeper for today. Tomorrow, I would come with another story with another letter. Isn’t this journey of #A to Z Challenge and the #BlogchatterA2Z interesting folks?. Read my other articles under Indian Mythology section here. Meet you tomorrow.

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  1. What a coincidence this is! It is Chitra Paurnami on the 18th of April, and I was just googling to know about the significance of it, as it is related to Chitragupta. And I happen to read your post, and learn more about him! Amazing!

  2. Chitragupta is an important person. The divine bureaucrat who keeps track of our deeds. There are not many temples of Chitragupta. I don’t know how he looks. May be like all accountants he is faceless. But accountant has power. One mistake and one goes from heaven to hell.

    1. Yes very true Abhijit. I really had to search to get his pictures and make it more interesting for my kid

  3. I loved this. I am currently writing a book and the main character is a record-keeper for the afterlife. I will be passing this blog onto my wife. She grew up in India.

    I am at Transformed Nonconformist. I usually write humor pieces, but I am getting serious this month. I’m writing about people who have deeply impacted my life.

    1. Wow that’s interesting.. will visit your blog and this series should mean a lot then to you… would love to follow it too

  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    I had read few stories about chitragupt and learnt a lot about him with your post. great series loving it.

  5. I am a Kayastha and we do ‘Kalam Dawat’ pooja in honour of Chitragupta Maharaj on the day of Bhai Dooj.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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