Abhimanyu – the Warrior Prince in Indian Mythology

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Welcome Friends to my Indian Mythological series. This is my first participation in the #AtoZ Challenge. I am very excited and nervous also at the same time, as I am not sure what will be there in store for me in this full month. I am also busy on the school front as it would be closing for the summer holidays shortly. But I just hope, my mommy would do justice to my thoughts by writing this blog. I am starting this series with my favorite daring Warrior Prince.

This Warrior Prince is none other than the great legendary warrior, Arjuna’s son. Now you all know it better right? He is Abhimanyu the warrior prince and bravest of all. You want to know more details about him, then read below.

Introduction to Warrior Prince – Abhimanyu:

Arjuna marries Subhadra, who is the sister of Lord Krishna. Both of them live at Dwarka and during that time, Subhadra becomes pregnant with Abhimanyu. When both Arjuna and Subhadra were enjoying their time together, Subhadra used to ask various questions about the worldly matters and war matters to Arjuna.

Abimanyu, Warrior Prince, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogchatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, #A2Z2019, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology
Abhimanyu in womb

During one such time, when she was carrying Abhimanyu in her womb, she asked Arjuna about the chakravyuha and how it is practiced in the war. Arjuna kept on explaining in great detail as to how to open Chakravyuha and get inside and fight with the people inside.

In the meantime, Krishna comes into the room and shows, Arjuna that Subhadra was sleeping and asked Arjuna to accompany him outside, without disturbing her. So Arjuna left his explanation of Chakravyuha to Subhadra and went out.

Isn’t this fact proved in today’s world too? That babies learn most of the things while they were still in the womb.

Abhimanyu was born as the pampered prince and he is loved by all. He is a very happy and easy kid. But his inborn bravery and leadership skills were shown right from his childhood days. So all the other kids of Pandavas used to treat him as their leader.

Abhimanyu and Chakravyuha:


During the exile of Pandavas, Arjuna gives word to king Virata that his son Abhimanyu would marry the king’s daughter Uttara. So both Abhimanyu and Uttara get married at an early age itself. Both Abhimanyu and Uttara used to live in Virata king’s palace before the big war began. After the war has started, Abhimanyu being a young kid wanted to join the war and help his parents. Though Uttara objected to him, as she was scared of all the big warriors in the war, Abhimanyu didn’t listen to her but went into the war.

Abhimanyu, Warrior Prince, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, #A2Z2019, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology

On one particular day during the war, the Kauravas had planned for Chakravyuha and at that time, Arjuna was at the other end of the war, fighting with some other people. Seeing this Chakravyuha, Abhimanyu has decided to go into it and break it open, as he had heard about it when he was in his mother’s womb. So he went inside the chakravyuha all alone. He fought valiantly with all the Karuva warriors and princes. But since he doesn’t know how to get out of this chakravyuya, he couldn’t come out. To know more details, as to how this warrior prince fought his battle bravely.

Why do I like Abhimanyu?

The following are the reasons, why I like Abhimanyu the warrior prince

  • His bravery, and his fighting skills
  • His intelligence, which was admired by everyone in Maha Bharatam.

But he needs to be a little more cautious when he is entering into a new situation. I want to give him this advice if at all if I meet him once.

So friends, what do you think of this Warrior Prince in Indian Mythology? Did you like him or not? Please let me know your views on him in the comments. See you tomorrow and till then, have a good time. This is my first article on the Indian Mythology series for #A2Z.

Warrior Prince, Abhimanyu, Indian Mythology, #A to Z Challenge, #shravmusingswrites, #BlogChatterA2Z
A to Z Challenge

Author’s note: All the pictures used in this blog are sourced from Wikimedia commons or Google and the respective credit is being given to them.

51 thoughts on “Abhimanyu – the Warrior Prince in Indian Mythology”

  1. A lovely beginning. Abhimanyu one my favourite character in Mahabharata. His bravery gives me goosebumps. Look forward to reading other characters. A great beginning.

    1. Thank you Abhijit. My kid just loves Abhimanyu. That’s why I picked him for the first post

  2. Nice post. Brings me memories of the serial Mahabharata broadcast in Doordarshan in the nineties. The scene where Abhimanyu enters the Chakravyuha but is unable to get out of it was shot very well.

    1. Thank you Jay for liking it. Yes, Mahabharata was and still is one of the best serials telecasted on TV.

  3. lovely post, your all posts for sure I am gonna save so my kiddo can read about all these mythological characters. Reminded me of granny tales and amar chitra katha our source of mythological gyan in childhood.

  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    love the post and I real the way you narrated the character of Abhimanyu. looking forward for all upcoming posts.

  5. Shubhra Rastogi

    Great theme and I like the way you write on your son’s behalf. Well researched post.

  6. I always felt Abhimanyu did not get his due in the retelling of mythological stories. Glad you started with him. Congratulations on your AtoZ debut!

  7. One of my favorite themes – it takes a lot of effort and research. I am waiting for my fav character Karna.
    Keep flying Suhasini – you are doing great.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  8. This is such an interesting theme and I wish you all the very best!
    There are many Telugu movies where Abhimanyu plays a very important role. I was always fascinated by him. He was very powerful but died young.

  9. Excellent theme! I like how you peeled layers of Abhimanyu his bravery to his eagerness. Abhimanyu is said to be incarnation of son of Moon. As he was cursed to be on Earth for 16 years. Making his death almost pre-planned yet the character would be known for his courage forever.

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