I was having such a bad time entire last week and that’s the reason for me not coming online to tell my story. Wondering what is that?

OK, hang on…my biggest problem is my hair. Do you know why? It keeps growing like crazy every month and it needs regular trimming…which is so boring don’t you all agree. Earlier my Dad or my Mom used to cut my hair and that was a big fun event…Now they are telling that I had become a big boy and need to visit the barber or a modern salon to get the haircut done. Uff, how mean and boring these parents can become?

      I went and visited both the places just out of curiosity. Both the places are good only, but didn’t like the fact that they are covering us with a black cloth and cutting the hair. No music, no stories are being told by Mom and no cloud watching and making up fun songs while cutting the hair. If this fun is missing, what’s the use of cutting the hair. We used to do all this while sitting up on the water tank  while my Mom or Dad trimmed my hair. It was such a fun at that time, seeing my doggy siblings trying to climb up the water tank and giving up in desperation..Now they can’t come along with me for the hair cut. How is that possible…

       So I tried avoiding those two places for almost two weeks, and then finally my Mom said that the tweety birds would start building a nest in my hair, if I don’t go for the haircut over the weekend. Just imagine, how cool it would be to have baby tweety birds in my hair, all my class mates would be thrilled isn’t it? We can play with them when the school gets boring with the videos or stories…what say folks? But alas, nobody seems to like that idea, though I thought that would be the coolest one indeed. Whats your opinion on the same?

       That’s why I hate these barber shops and salons. I want them all to vanish into thin air, so that I can do my hair cuts at my house only….or else once I grow real big, I would invent a magic potion, which would stop the hair growth and then I don’t have to go for my monthly hair cuts. That would be really great isn’t it.

       OK, now see my new avatar post the forced hair cut, and tell me whether its all the worth of that trouble or not? Talk to you soon…


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