Yay!!! today is the celebration day for me and my blog. Want to know why? My blog which started on my 100th day has reached a new milestone of 100 posts. This journey has been wonderful and amazing all along.

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Looking back:

We started our blog journey to share my naughty stories with my family and friends. So, in the beginning, our blog was mainly limited to our family circle only and we never went out to seek an audience. Then when I reviewed my first professional dance performance, my masters and my friend’s parents loved my blog a lot and asked me to continue with this blog journey.

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Even my Montessori house aunties loved my blogs a lot and asked me to keep writing about the various events happening in my Montessori house. And that is the time also when my mom found her blogger friends circle. So she wanted to write for various prompts and test whether we can really make our blogging journey happen.


Then came the blogging platforms like BlogAdda, blog chatter, IndiBlogger, etc who have helped us in our growth. BlogAdda used to give us weekly prompts in either pictures or sentences. Then my mom consults me what to write, I always have this tendency of telling a line or two about that prompt and then get busy with my dancing or other activity. My mom used to build that story for both of us based on the inputs I give. Can you beleive us, we used to always get the WOW badge from BlogAdda for our posts.

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Then we took part diligently in the #TellTaleThursday prompts too along with Prerna and Anshu aunties. Their picture prompts always are unique and made us think a lot.

In the meantime, my mom and her blogger friends hosted the #XploreBharat blog train covering various travel destinations after forming the BlogboosterINd group. In fact, my geography knowledge about India has improved a lot due to this blog train. My K aunty asked me once how do I know so many place names which she didn’t present me yet. Then I had to explain to her about our blog train.

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Now Mom and I are participating in BlogChatter’s A to Z Challenge. We have decided to share what my granddad and my mom taught me about Indian Mythology all along. This process is currently happening and please stay tuned to know about one character every day, preferably a kid.

A to Z Challenge – Indian Mythology series

I just hope that this journey continues and will get to learn a lot and make new friends along the way. Will you guys join me in this journey friends?

Love you all for the encouragment you have shown us till date